Scratches on my leather to fix it?

  1. I just notice that there is a scratch on my Dior leather bag. :crybaby: :crybaby: It looks like it's from a fingernail (about 2 inches long) I don't even have long fingernails..:confused1: How can I fix it & make it less visible? Will any brand of leather moisturizer works?
  2. If it's not a a very deep scratch, I would just try some leather lotion. Any brand will probably be fine.
  3. Thank! ArmCandyLuvr!
  4. I use LovinMyBags Conditioner for things like this. Works well.
    Don't you hate finding those unexpected scratches!
  5. A lot of times when I get a scratch on a bag, and when it is of good leather like Dior, etc, rub your finger deep into the scratch over and over again and usually the leather repairs itself. No nails, just the pad of your finger and some pressure over and over again. Its kind of like burnising something.

    Usually, that's how I can tell if a bag is made of the type of leather that I would want to own. If I can rub out a scratch, where the leather starts to look like itself again, then I know it is a good quality leather for me.
  6. I just swipe my finger across my forehead and use the little bit of oil to massage the scratch out! It usually works.
  7. Great ideas ladies.. I had the same question as I purchased a bag WAY discounted with a slight scratch, but was afraid to try anything until I could ask the question!
    Thanks for posting Happy Angel":flowers:
  8. Thank you for the tips! Rubbing the scratches does really work!
  9. HappyAngel -- how did you make out?