Scratches on my Drew bag after one day...

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  1. Hey guys,

    I've used my new Drew bag last week and after just one day, there are already some scratches on the hardware ! I am so disappointed... I knew before buying it that there gonna be some scratches but I didn't expect to see them appear so quickly and so big !
    I've sent an email to Chloe but they did not answer me... Do you think they can do something about it if I go to the store directly ?
  2. You can buff it out with a jeweler's rouge cloth. The red side treats tarnish and the yellow cloth on the other side is the one to use for buffing. Use a gentle circular motion.
  3. This is a great thread. Was just thinking this regarding the entire Chloe brand.

    Yesterday I bought a black drew medium. I am beyond the moon since i've been after the drew for a long time and I've finally bit the bullet. That being said, I was going between a small soft lambskin pink drew which scratches easily vs the rough grained lambskin (what I ultimately went with). I am the type of person that likes to keep my bag in good condition and I tend "baby" it (too much..). The grained was a better investment for me, but I still see indentations on it despite not being rough with it.

    Chloe does colors the best out of many luxury brand bags out there. Unfortunately, it usually results in scratches easily evident on the leather. Thus, I end up resorting to colors that are more dark to mask color transfer.

    Do you guys feel that Chloe leather/products are prone to scratches (when not in black?) Such a shame since chloe does pink SO well...Appreciate your thoughts everyone.

    P.S. you know what they say..."pic or it didn't happen!" Here she is IMG_7765.JPG
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  4. Where did you get your bag? I've been looking online and am not seeing the medium size.
  5. I have the Drew in cement pink. Surprisingly, out of all my light colored bags, this one is the easiest to maintain. I have had no issues with scratches to the leather, and any stains have wiped off easily with a soft cloth. As for the hardware, I use a similar soft cloth to the ones you get with your sunglasses to buff it up, and it looks as good as new.

    I have had the bag for a 7 months now, and honestly, it looks not over a day old. If you want the cement pink, I would highly recommend it!
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  6. Honestly, if your that picky about little scratches here and there this is not the bag for you. I own 3 drews and they all do that very quickly and I'm known to be extra careful with my bags. It's just the hardware hitting or rubbing when you go in and out of the bag, it's unavoidable.
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  7. Hardware gets scratches super easily.
  8. Normal! inevitable with the closure piece sliding out of the lock and swinging back and forth! This is one reason I sold my drew!
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  10. Hi Mayr-I went shopping @ Woodbury Commons in NYC. I heard they were phasing the larger drews out because the smaller drew sizes are much more popular.
    I am beginning to see why that is so, because mine is quite heavy. However, at least I can fit a lot so...:shrugs
  11. Hi Ladies ,

    My new drew have some small scratches on the hardwear but that does not bother me a lot. On the other hand, there is a fairly large scratch next to the lock, which comes from turning the lock back and forth. Is this common? Can I do something to prevent it from getting worse? 20180415_154728.jpg
  12. Did you try the jewelers rouge cloth? Did it work?
  13. Mine has scratches all over the place on that lock