Scratches on Monogram Vernis Alma?

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  1. Does anyone know how to safely get them off. I JUST bought my Alma last night and it already has a scratch from my engagement ring.
  2. I don't think there's a way to remove scratches on vernis since it's patent leather, unlike lambskin where you can try to rub on it. The best thing is to leave it...hopefully it's not too deep. Hairline scratches are quite inevitable. Enjoy your bag!
  3. I scratched my BB Alma with my work pass...unfortunately I think you've just got to ignore the dents
  4. No way to remove them...If it's not too deep, I would just be careful not to nick it again in the same area.
  5. Hi all, I know this is an extremely old thread, but I felt the strong need to bump this up again. I realized there was no true solution posted above, but I have found a solution to this problem.... So my reply may be of great help and future reference to anyone who may stumble upon this thread post through googling 'scratch on vernis' like I had. :biggrin: :biggrin: Hooray.

    Now, I similarly had a very new vernis bag (Lv Vernis Brea MM in Indian rose) I bought 2 weeks ago. I've haven't even used it, but while it was on my couch, I accidently lost my balance and the brea almost toppled over. In an attempt to save it, I reached out to grab it, and accidently scratched my fingernails across it. Yikes, I know. It left quite a deep scratch. So vernis can be scratched afterall... the solution??
    Esquire Cleaner for Patent Leather and Pattina

    Google it. This stuff is a god-send for vernis! I happened to have some lying around as I primarily use this for my patent Prada shoes. I remembered I read in the description that it helps with scuffs... What about scratches?? I decided to try. My first attempted was a failure. The scratch was still there. I was very upset as this scratch was spanning across my bag diagonally for about 8-10cm long. I tried for another 3 times (each applying, and then using damp cloth to wipe excess off), but to no avail.

    The scratch couldn't leave my mind. I was OCD about it... Kept thinking what a waste. Knowing myself, I wouldn't be able to sleep. SO I took it out again, and damped my cotton pad (facial cotton pad) with the solution, and rubbed at it quite firmly. (not vigerously, firmly, slow, firm strokes). I repeated the process until the scratches is gone. Everyone try it!! Finally, a solution for scratches for vernis!!
  6. pictures please
  7. sadly vernis is one of the hardest materials to clean or remove damages from