scratches on leather?

  1. I recently bought myself a silver penelope clutch and after using it twice, there are now quite a few noticeable scratches on the leather, is there anything i can do about this? or is it inevitable? i think the clutch is really pretty but a few more scratches and i might not even want to use it anymore :sad:
  2. My Koobas scratch - but it does seem to depend on the leather. A couple of my Marcelles are made of this delicate lambskin and nary a scratch is on them. Just smoosh. Then my cognac Marcelle was treated differently for whatever reason, and they came with small scratches even from the stores! Just depends. Part of what makes a Kooba a Kooba. I know that I never liked how dark the patina got on my LV Speedy on the handles - or how stains showed....leathers just take on a life of their own and that's what makes each piece special in its own way.....
  3. hmm.. i don't usually mind getting scratches on my bags, but the leather on the clutch is really shiny (almost reflective) and looks patent so the scratches really show up, and i think it might start looking tacky if it keeps scratching!
  5. i'll try to post some soon, i lost the memory card in my camera and am waiting for a new one in the mail! thanks jchiara!
  6. I know this is going to seem really unorthodox but ... I have used paste shoe polish and even Liquid Gold scratch cover for furniture to cover leather scratches. Then, once it dries, I give it a treatment with Wilson's TLC. Works really well on brown and black bags.