scratches on harware evelye...

  1. Hi guys,

    I bought an e. gm in black clemence back in october, i used it almost every day, but now there are lots of scratches on the hardware (the two strap holding things..)

    Can they fix this or do I have to replace my straps?

    Also, Is black clemence easily refurbished? For if it's going to be beaten up, cuz it's allready sagging alot... Do you guys have any ideas about my possibility's?

    Like scratches on the leather, or corners? Cuz it's very pebbly leather.... seems next to impossible to restore this no?

    thanks alot, big kiss to you all


  2. ANYbody? there must be some info on the refurbishing of clemence leather? and I can't do a search :sad:
  3. Andzrej - you can always take your bag to the store and have them look at it if you feel like it needs work. But I would be staggered if it needed a refurb already.

    Relax and just enjoy your new bag and know that when it does need work H will take care of it :smile: