scratches on hardware of new Birkin

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  1. Just noticed it this morning...not sure how I got it, but I think it may be from the hardware clasp rubbing against the belt loop thing. It's a small scratch, but I just got the bag on Monday, so I'm concerned. What should I do?
  2. Are you close to a store? I think scratches can be buffed out. Most of the scratches I got were from the straps running through the strap holders unfortunately. Did your hardware come with plastic on it?
  3. There's not very much you can do. It's part and parcel of owning a bag with hardware; Hermes or non Hermes. You can buff the hardware to make it shinier but the scratches are permanent. Don't worry too much about it, and enjoy your bag. When you think you can't stand the look of it anymore, bring it back to Hermes and get replacement parts.
  4. I am very sorry.:crybaby: I know how you feel. I am the kind that would o.c.d over it. I only had a little scratch on my H belt buckle and I went crazy over it until I knew that I can polish it out.

    I think you can bring it in to get it polished. It's not worth it now b/c it your first scratch and I hate to say this but eventually it will get more scratches. Just wait till then or when you go in for a spa treatment and get it done at the same time.

    I don't know the cost of polishing hw on birkin but for a H belt buckle it's 85.00.

    I am worry about the day that I scratch up my new birkin too. I will get over it but it just bugs me in the begining.
  5. Yes, pretty close. And yes, it did come with plastic.
  6. Thanks for your advice, everyone!
  7. I left my plastic on mine and the straps were through the metal guides and the guides themselves lifted the plastic and left a pretty deep scratch. My heart dropped, but then I realized I had to get over it. Now I make sure my straps are off the metal guides unless they are closed over the clasp thingy.
  8. I was shocked myself after really looking at the metal on the straps and seeing how badly scratched they got - just from resting in the holders! I have now learned (thanks to another wise PF member!) to keep the straps closed, or dangling, but not resting in the guides...
  9. The thing is, shoes, if I secure the straps onto the turn lock, the opening is so restricted, and it's hard for me to access my belongings. And on the other hand, if I leave the straps dangling, the side gathers spread out, and it's so untidy.

    I'm resigned this is a small hazard of owning a Birkin. And pray that the resident craftsman will always be here, where I am, so I can have the hardware replaced when I want to!
  10. Talking about leaving the plastic on, on the hardware. I was advised to remove the plastic. It seems that over time, the plastic will disintegrate and get stuck onto the hardware.:sad:
  11. hummm..I didn't know about the option of leaving the plastic on. mine did come with the plastic but I took it off the day I decide to take it out of the house.
  12. I think most slight scatches can be buffed out.
  13. Oh dear, but it's part and parcel of using a bag - any bag. Just relax and try to forget about it, console yourself more scratches will come and then you will feel better <evil laugh>

    But seriously, just forget about the little wears and tears and enjoy the whole wonderful sensation of your H bag!! Put them through their paces and then as a final consolation, the parts acan be replaced like MrsS says :smile:
  14. Thanks, everyone! My SA and I talked about it last week, and she said that swift, like boxcalf, develops a patina. When that happens, the scratches are not so visible, and I guess that's what they mean by the beautiful aging process of Hermes leathers:love:
  15. I believe leathers develop a patina, and hardware develops a burnish. The first scratch will always be a bit of a heartbreaker... but think of how beautiful the burnish will be after many many happy years of usage.