Scratches on Clic Clac

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  1. This is the very first day for me to wear my brand new Clic Clac, already scratched like this!!! Is that normal? Feeling sad... :sad: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397961890.656456.jpg
  2. This is not normal... well not normal for me.
  3. Oh no!!!
  4. it depends on how you wear you bracelet. if you constantly bang/slide your clic with other things, it will get scratches easily. but the scratches you had were just superficial. imo, i wouldn't be bothered much by it.
  5. I wore it all day at the office, was rubbing it against the desk when I was in front of the computer. I didn't think it would create scratches that easily. It is what it is, so sad now.... It's only the first day. :sad:
  6. Not normal too
    Look like badly abuse
    Oh dear so sad
  7. Doesn't look good.
  8. That is a lot for one day and it looks like only one half of it got scratched. But don't worry, you will get scratches and it's just normal wear and tear. The H on the top will more than likely get scratches too, but the bracelet will still be beautiful. Just wear it and enjoy it.
  9. Here's a pic of one of mine that has been worn maybe less than 20 times. I'm very careful and take it off when I'm cooking and cleaning, but not when using the computer. As you can see, the scratches are unavoidable, even for someone who's really careful. The scratches on the H though are usually very small and few, not like the underside. The scratches don't bother me at all. Just shows that the bracelet is worn and loved.
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397997512.294618.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1397997304.010663.jpg
  10. Thanks Swezfamily! Noted, and will do my best to baby it from now on. Wish I've known better, lesson learned, the hard way. :sad:

  11. No problem! I think you're just focusing on the scratches because the bracelet is so new. Trust me, after wearing it a dozen or so times you won't even notice them. :smile:
  12. Swezfamily, thanks so much! hugs, hugs! :smile:
  13. I'm generally careful with my clic clacs but all my brand new ones look worn, with superficial scratches, within a few times of use. I wear them to work and it's quite impossible to avoid contact with the desk and keyboard etc, so that's probably the reason. I've come to realize that they don't retain that brand new, shiny look for long, and so am not too bothered by it now :smile:
  14. Has anyone tried to take their clic clacs to a local jeweler to see if the scratches can be buffed out or at the least become less visible? I'm thinking of trying with mine.
  15. Mine scratched on the underside pretty quickly as well. I wore it every day the first week I got it and...yep, it was scratched. It may sound silly but now I feel like I can enjoy wearing it all the time without having to worry about it. And I really don't notice the scratches at all anymore. :flowers: