Scratches on a brand new bag?

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  1. #1 Sep 28, 2012
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    Hi there!

    I posted a reveal thread recently for my brand new smooth black mini luggage! :yahoo:

    It was ordered through NM, and was shipped to me. However, my SA and I are actually waiting (impatiently) for a new one to come in so I can exchange, because my mini had more than one or two notable scratches when it arrived to me. Although I do understand it scratches easily, I felt like I should be the one to scratch my bag, not someone else!

    For those of you who have ordered one, does it usually come wrapped? Mine just came in the dustbag with stuffing. It did not have the feet wrapped (even though my SA says it was brand new and special ordered for me). I swear it looks like it had to have been a return.

    At first I was inclined to keep it, because it will eventually be scratched anyways. Maybe I won't have to be so OCD and get to relax knowing it wasn't perfect, but I don't know.

    What do you guys think?
    photo.JPG photo 1 (1).JPG photo 2 (1).JPG
  2. If its brand new the plastic should still be on the metal hardware including zippers. It looks like a it was a floor demo to me. The scratches however are not too bad. At least there aren't stains!
  3. Oh really... :sad: The zipper wasn't wrapped.
  4. OK, I suspect different Celine stores have different policies, as in some will take off the plastic/tissue wrappers etc before offering the bag to a customer. So the 'brand-new' bag can come with only stuffing and a sleeper bag, no covering for feet and zips. It's actually not unusual for a brand-new bag to come with what look like scratches. It just means it got bumped around abit during the delivery process. The winter batch of bags were delivered last week so if yours is a bag from this collection, it seems rather unlikely that you'd been sold a bag that had been returned.
  5. I've had the bag for about three weeks now, so it didn't come from the new Winter batch... The SA is just having me hold onto it until she gets a different one in.
  6. The scratches doesn't seem to be too bad to me too, you will get more scratches when you use them.
  7. If you're waiting for a different bag anyway then at least you can pick the one you're happier with. I was shown a Mini from the winter collection that had far more scratches than yours (some long, some short). I'm positive the bag had never been sold since the boutique didn't even display it (and the SA tried to whisk it away from some Middle Eastern tourists when I was done looking at it - no kidding) and it had to be brought out from the depths of their stock room. If I'd been happy with the colour combo I'd have bought the bag. I'm using the Mini as a work bag and it'll get bumped about anyway so the way I look at it, better if it's already been 'broken-in'!
  8. Well it does make me feel much better hearing that its normal for even brand new bags to have a few scratches and imperfections! Thanks for your help. The truth is that I have been dying to cut off the tag and use it, it's killing me to wait for a new one to arrive at NM!
  9. I say take a pair of scissors and go for it! Take some mod shots too!
  10. I ordered mine directly to Celine boutique store and the bags were only wrapped in a dustbag and stuffing inside. I asked the SA once why I didn't get the box and she said the box was only given to in-store purchases. Not sure if this were true, but mine has always come like that and... I chose to believe they are new. But, if you feel the scratches are unacceptable, you should definitely ask for an exchange, you totally deserve the rights to choose the best bag to you :smile:
  11. Gosh, I guess because I deal with a box (extremely prone to scratches), the 'smudges' :P on your bag look fine to me.

    But, honestly, if you aren't happy with it, then you should wait for a replacement. For the amount spent, your bag shouldn't make you think twice. I only worry that a replacement will equally have some problems as many of these bags have such imperfections and you would have waited all that time when you could have been enjoying your luggage.

    Anyway, best of luck!
  12. :smile: I will def post mod shots!
  13. Haha. That is what I do fear, I wouldn't want to receive one that is worse and then be kicking myself later for not keeping this one :wondering
  14. To give a better idea, this is what the bag looks like in natural light, which is the only light the scratches are visible in anyways. There are no major scratches, just multiple little areas.
  15. For me it would be a no go, its better to wait for that one "perfect" bag. At least thats me! But I have severe OCD when it comes to my personal things.