Scratched sunglasses?

  1. My Gucci sunnies got scratched because I was silly enough to leave an emery board loose in my bag. Any suggestions about what I should do?

    How much does non-prescription lens replacement cost, and has anyone ever done it before?
  2. I'm curious about this too, because I have a scratch on my favorite pair of Gucci sunglasses :crybaby:
  3. So I was walking by a eyeglass store and popped in to ask. I got quoted $110, is that highway robbery for non-presciption lenses??
  4. ^That sounds about right. I scratched a pair of Chanel and to replace the lense was about $100. One arm was scratched and to replace that was $50.
  5. ugh... I might as well buy another pair then... she offered NWT same style for only $150, I guess because it's an older season. Oh well!
  6. Where did you get them replaced? At the Chanel store or does Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus offer this service as well?
  7. i scratched my dior glasses which I purchased at sunglass hut and they replaced both lenses for $65 including tax.
  8. It was at an optical place in the mall that sold Chanel. Any place that sells Chanel should be able to help.
  9. Where ever you bought the sunglasses from, they should be able to help you. And that's were I go when I need a repair or my sunnies tightned.
  10. I did the EXACT same thing with my Gucci's!!!! 65 or 70 to replace sounds right but they might recommend replacing both lenses because they can't match the tinting exactly if the tint has a "gradient" effect. I ended up just living with the scratch since it wasn't in my line of vision.
  11. ^ I think that price is a lot more reasonable!

    I didn't buy these from an optical boutique. I'm going to try LensCrafters and see if they can replace them for me, since they tend to have good prices.
  12. Hi there, my baby scratched my designer sunglasses so I searched on the internet and I found this company in Australia that only does replacement lenses. They had my model in their database and shipped me the lenses for free and they only cost about $25.00 and they are better than my originals. amazing and they gave great service. Check them out at
  13. I scratched my Prada Butterfly sunglasses.
    My eye doctor carries Prada, so I asked them about replacing the
    lenses. I think it was only $20 or $25 for them to replace the lenses,
    and they got them from their Prada distributor.

    Granted, my new lenses do not have a serial number on them, but they also
    have no scratches!
  14. I would take them to the actual Gucci store and see what they can do instead of an eyeglass store.
  15. it would be cheaper at an eyeglass store.

    The result would probably be the same.