Scratched my WG love bracelet very badly, is this normal?

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  1. Image from iOS (3).jpg I bought this about a week ago, and already noticed several long scratches all over the bracelet. I have heard that the love bracelets are prone to scratches, but are they really this bad?

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  2. Did you take it on and off or practice using the screwdriver a lot?

    It does look like the scratches around the screws were due to repeated use of the screwdriver - the thicker scratch kind of also looks like you scraped it against a wall or something?

    Honestly it looks bad right now but with time it would mesh with the others that it'll look even better than a shiny brand new one.
  3. Yes I was trying to put it on during an uber ride LOL (facepalm). Fwiw I haven't found a picture of someone else's bracelet that looks worse than mine.
  4. You're probably just hyperaware cause it's your new baby that you've only had for a week - try to avoid the uber ride thing again and live yo life - it'll be there with you as you move through time and it'll have it's own scratch story showcased in patina haha.
  5. pure gold is a soft metal. that's why it is mixed with other hard metals to make them stronger. but still relatively soft compared to steel or silver. so yes they will have scratch marks no matter which brand and whoever made them. the love bangles have a very polished smooth surface so scratches will be more apparent. the severity depends on the wearer. if you're bothered by this fact, avoid banging them on glass surfaces (edges of a glass table eg) and keep a good distance from walls. and if you're putting them on, best done at home with care otherwise just live with the markings as they come.
  6. Buy a jewelry polishing cloth! I got mine from Amazon. :smile: It won't 100% take the scratches out, but it'll make them less obvious.
  7. Yes looks bad but maybe u can send to just have the light polish from cartier just in that spot
  8. Honestly that looks pretty bad and it will probably be obvious until such a time as you get it polished. It's not ideal to polish immediately but in this case it may make sense.
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