Scratched my itch!

  1. Just got on elux and ordered very small but beautiful mono cles! My first real mono piece (if pandas don't count)... I will use it forever,,, I know it will take the speedy a while to arrive and this cles was on the list... so now I have it, was a close call with damier... but, I'll save that for the next itch...

    twink, you got me scratchin....:confused1: :yahoo: :confused1:
  2. Ooo congrats. Your gonna love it!
  3. You are gonna cause a rash if you keep scratching missy!:p
    Great choice, you'll use it and it's cute!:yes:
  4. Yep. I really don't want those vernis cles to get color transfer by using them too much. Will not have to worry bout a think with the mono, and $150...b4 price increase in Feb... it's okay, I can deal... but, no more till the Speedy YAY!!!
  5. Congrats on scratching that itch. Now the waiting game. LOL. Can't wait to see pics.
  6. Lol, now I need to scratch!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Yay! I have this and it's very useful. Congrats!
  9. yay!
  10. ohh congrats!.. cant wait to see it
  11. thanks ya'll. After a melting vernis dream, I gotta get some mono in my collection, very functional and no worries... I'm very excited!
  12. congrats! pics please!
  13. The cles is such a practical piece, I'm sure you'll love it.
  14. congrats!