Scratched my Chanel Sunglassses...Fixes?

  1. I dropped my Chanbel Sunglasses the other day, and got a huge scratch right accross the middle. Its unfortunately very noticeable. I've thought about getting the lens's replaced, but they fade from darker to lighter from top to bottom (they are pink qulited rectangle shape with rhinestone in quilting on the side)

    I think Lens Crafter said they could replace the lens, but then they won't have that nifty shading

    Any thoughts? Do any of those "sunglass scratch remover" kits work?
  2. I have a small scratch on Chanels, but I can still wear them just fine. I showed them to the lady at the vision place and she told me there was nothing they could do. I don't think replacing my lens was even an option - it may be the style of mine though, they are aviators.
  3. Don't know if the scratch remover stuff works but I got prescription lenses put in a pair of my 5076Hs by LensCrafters.
  4. My mom had to have one of the lenses on a pair of her glasses replaced once and they ended up being ok :yes: