Scratched Coach Hardware...Help!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I scratched the clasp on the front pocket of my Kristin Laila. Is there anything that can be done? Will Coach repair something like that? Is there a way to buff them out myself? I tried to post pictures but for some reason, they wouldn't attach.
    Thank you!
  2. How bad is it?

    Maybe try uploading the pics to photobucket and then posting them from there?
  3. Great idea. How do I attach the photos from photobucket? Thanks.
  4. You might wanna ask a mod to merge the 2 threads you started on this.:smile:
  5. When you have uploaded them if you just toggle the mouse over the pic some boxes show up underneath (links and so on). I just click on the box next to img code and it "copies" the pic. Then I come here and "paste" and it puts the picture in my post.
  6. goes. Thanks!
  7. So sorry about your hardware :sad: hope they can fix it. :smile:
  8. Aww, thanks! I have a feeling that I'm on my own since it's my fault, but I may still send it in as a last resort.
  9. It actually doesn't look that bad to me. Beautiful bag by the way!
  10. I don't think it looks that bad. The hardware will scratch anyway as you use's inevitable. You have a gorgeous bag! I would just enjoy her and not worry about the hardware any further. :smile:
  11. I don't think it looks that bad either :smile:. The clasp on my Laila has scratches too since I use her all the time :smile:.
  12. Thanks girls. I panicked the first time I saw it but I'm starting to get used to it. I may try to polish it and leave it alone. You all are right, it isn't that bad I guess and since I do use it daily, getting scratches is going to be inevitable. Thanks for making me feel better. :smile:
  13. What I do is put a layer of the thick clear mailing/packing tape on top of my hardware. Kind of laminating it so that the tape gets scratched and not my hardware, then change the tape as needed. Like, I just cut a small rectangle to put on the flat edges of the buckle. Prevention helps!
  14. Wow, cool idea. I wouldn't have thought of that. Thanks.
  15. this is an awesome idea..will it look obvious with the tape on the hardware?