Scratched buckle on Gustto Carla part of style?

  1. Hi all,

    This is my first non-introductory post . I recently bought a Gustto Carla bag from Revolve Clothing--a great deal at $321 minus new customer 30% code, so $224 shipped. It came today, and I love it, but many of the grommets have an abraded look, which I can live with, but the buckle is shiny brass, and the way it is distressed makes it look cheap, IMO. For example, you know how cheap metal looks after a while, when the metal shows through? That's what it is like. I called Gustto and they assured me that part of the style. My question is, would it be wise to get the buckle replaced by a specialty shop? What would you do.

    Here's the link to Revolve (it's hard to see the buckle the way the lighting is):

    Thanks for your help. You guys are awesome!:smile:
  2. I have a Scella in apricot and that's the way its hardware is also, and I am ok with it.

    And though it is not my fave bag, it is THE bag I get compliments on, I think women love the color. Maybe the world is getting a bit tired of brown & black bags.