Scratched brass fix?

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  1. Has anyone tried to remove scratches from the brass of their LV? I have a Favorite MM and the front flap plate has some scratches on it. I know many other purses have similar plates so wondering if anyone has successfully removed those scratches from their purses? If so, what do you do and what did you use?
  2. I doubt you can buff out the scratches as the brass is plated instead of solid. I've read that L.V. will replace the brass plate for you.
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  3. I'd just inquire with LV about getting that piece replaced. Like katieny said that piece is only plated so I doubt buffing it out will help much.
  4. Once it's replaced- some people have put a clear protector- cellphone screen protector of sorts to prevent this in the future- I actually just got my favorite last week and haven't taken the clear protector off for this very reason. The scratches which are inevitable- would drive me nuts!
  5. I'm glad LV is starting to use a clear protector instead of the blue. I haven't removed mine either on my new Fav. On my other fav I used clear contact paper instead of a screen protector as those always fell off. I agree, the scratches on such a small delicate purse would drive me crazy.