Scratch/stain on my 'brand new' MJ Single...return, or partial refund?

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  1. #16 Oct 8, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2010
    Just an update on this situation...

    I was indeed going to send it back for a return, and am absolutely livid that the seller refuses to refund my original shipping, as well as the cost of return shipping. I would have to send the bag back via a trackable shipping method, and this is very expensive in Canada and will probably run me back about $20.

    I would understand if shipping was non-refundable given that I purchased the bag and had buyer's remorse and then decided to return it, but considering that I purchased the bag thinking it was brand new/flawless and the actual item was not (and that I wouldn't give purchased it in the first place had I known this)...not only should the seller reimburse me BOTH the actual and return shipping, but she also wasted my time - and should compensate me for that as well.

    All I asked for was a full refund (as in cost of bag, original shipping, and return shipping), but she only agreed to a refund of the cost of the bag even though this was HER mistake.

    I know this seller has a good rep on Ebay, and I'm sure most transactions do not end up the same way as mine...but buyer, beware :sad:
  2. ^^I think that is indeed quite unfair! But at least you will get a full refund on the bag!!
  3. Yeah return that for a full refund!

    Edit - saw your update. Sorry she is giving you a hard time with the shipping and stuff. Did you file a SNAD claim or anything?
  4. That's one of the "hidden" cost of buying (cheaper stuff) on eBay--the buyer pays for return shipping. Those are the rules. far as I know, eBay sometimes provides shipping labels when the buyer wins a SNAD. Not sure how this works...
  5. If you open a dispute on paypal and win paypal will refund you the entire amount you paid for the purse that includes shipping. I would neg her for not paying for return postage. I sell on ebay sometimes and will definitely cover return postage for a buyer if the mistake is made by me. I have done that a few times. Good luck with your return.