Scratch/stain on my 'brand new' MJ Single...return, or partial refund?

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  1. I purchased a MJ Single from namebrandoutlet4320 on Ebay. The bag was described as brand new with tags, no defects noted. The pictures also showed a pristine bag. I have checked out other Ebay auctions from this seller, and usually they do a good job describing any defects on the product.

    I received the bag and was very upset to see that there is a scratch/stain that is a straight, horizontal line 3 cm in length that is situated RIGHT in the center of the bag. At first I thought it was a stain (refer to the pictures attached, it looks like a chalk stain), but I brought it to a leather repair shop and they told me it was a scratch.

    This scratch was not mentioned in the listing. I contacted the seller and they agreed to issue a $20 refund. I paid a total of $425 ($430 including shipping).

    If I accepted a refund, the net cost would be $425-20 = $405. To me, this discount is not sufficient considering that a brand new bag can be purchased directly from Bloomies or Saks during the F&F sales at 20-30% off. For example, if I were to use the Bloomies F&F of 20% plus the 10% offered to new CC holders, the price of brand new single would be $625 less $187.5 = $437.50. Since the difference b/tw this price and what I paid on Ebay is so little, I might as well get a brand new one in store as opposed to Ebay.

    What do you ladies think I should do?
    1) Should I return the bag for a complete refund?
    2) Should I accept the partial refund of $20?
    3) Should I propose a new refund amount? If so, what do you think would be fair?

    Thank you ladies.

  2. Ooh that's bad. I'd return it and get it from Bloomies.
  3. I would return it for a full refund. That scratch looks front and center on the bag, and $20 off doesn't make up for that. I think the scratch would bother me too much to keep it, regardless of any discount. But that's just me.
  4. return and buy a new one on sale!!!
  5. Definitely return it!
    Bloomies is having their friends & family sale going on now thru tomorrow and they have 20% off handbags, MJ included~
    So, yes, definitely order a brand new one from them~

    ...a $20 refund on a "new" bag with that kind of scratch is laughable!!!
  6. return and buy a new one elsewhere.. the bloomies deal is a good way to go!
  7. def return and get a new one.
  8. Return for a full refund and get another.
  9. return it...$20 is not worth it, you'll ended up hating the bag & never use it, better get a new one from bloomies
  10. If the seller was willing to do $50 off, I would say keep it (that's something that could happen relatively easily to any bag, IMO) but as it is, return it and get one at Bloomingdales.
  11. Yes, I was contemplating on accepting the purse for a $50 refund as well. thanks to everyone for their input thus far! :smile:
  12. this belongs in the ebay forum....moved it for u
  13. Get the refund, and buy the new one on sale. You'll be happier in the long run. Otherwise, your eye will just keep looking at the scratch and feel bad about it. Just my opinion.
  14. After spending that kind of money you don't want a bag with a mark on it like that. Full refund and find a perfect bag on sale.
  15. I was in favor of keeping it until I read that you can get a new Single for a few dollars more at Bloomies.