Scratch/scuff/mark on Gucci leather

  1. Hi everyone ...

    I own a few Gucci bags, most of them leather, the Jackie O hobo, Guccissima, etc. I've noticed that it's very easy to leave a mark on the leather. Not deep scratches or anything but definitely a mark that doesn't go away. I just received a Guccissima bag from Bluefly and just as I tried it on my shoulder one of my fingers scraped accross the handle and it left a mark already!

    I love Gucci bags but the leather ones are just so sensitive! Is there something I can do to remove the mark (with a condition or something), and how do I pretect the leather from future little accidents that are bound to happen? I haven't carried my Gucci leather bags as much for fear of scracthing/scuffing them up! :sad:

  2. Nobody else has this problem?
  3. sorry i only own the fabric ones and i dont pay attention to the leather. but before i use them i spray all of them. use a leather spray to protect the leather. and also i know there's leather conditioner. like coach sells them. try those see how that works
  4. Travel Bug
    I have the same problem with my wallet. I have a gucci black canvas mono + some leather areas with the red and green stripes. From day one, the leather got scratched and I am very very gentle and careful. Now, 6 months later-although I love the wallet- It looks like a fake wallet. The leather is not that great looking. If someone showed it to me I would say...hmmm the leather doesn't look great, maybe its fake. BUT!! I bought it myself from a Gucci Store for $400.
    My friend has the identical one but in brown/beige without any scuffing.
  5. I usually clean my leather gucci either with milk or with a light lotion cleanser. and i sometimes use neutral shoe polish for the scratches, and the look a lot better after.
  6. Hi all! I own a blue guccissima hobo and I've carried it only maybe for a grand total of one month -- but guess what! There are some scuff marks on the bottom already, on two of the four corners actually. I can't believe it, the gucci leather is really sensitive, I guess. I conditioned it with some Coach moisturizer but it still looks the same. I wonder if I should try anything the neutral shoe polish thing...
  7. That's what I am finding out too that the Gucci leather is extremely sensitive!!! I used Apple Guard conditioner on my new Guccissima and that seemed to have taken care of the small scuff mark but I am just too afraid to use it now! Urggggggg.:mad:
  8. Just updating: Massina, thanks for the tip! I tried a neutral shoe cream on the scuff mark and it looks better. Not gone completely, of course, but a lot better.
  9. Hi everyone!

    I own a eclipse canvas mono wallet but have dropped my wallet on a few occasions and made obvious scratches on the round eclipse metal button. Is there nothing I can do to fix it?

    Also, over the months, the wallet has became a little dirty - the canvas is now of a darker tone.:cry: I wish to clean it but do not know what is best to use for the canvas. Can someone please give me some advice on this? Thanks a lot!
  10. I'm finally convinced now that the Gucci leather line is really high maintenance and sensitive! I just bought a Chocolate Guccissima wallet for $465 and am afraid to use it! I'm afraid the oils on my hands will damage the leather, I'm afraid to put it in my speedy for fear the zipper would scratch the wallet! I'm looking at my old wallet, it's sooo worn and beaten down - I can't imagine my Gucci looking like that! :sad: I was looking for a practical upscale wallet, but I suppose the Guccissima doesn't fit my criteria. Should I return it? My exact one is not on the Gucci website but imagine this style (w/ the bowtie with "Gucci" inscribed on one of the hardware)

    [​IMG]w/ this Guccisima leather >>[​IMG]
    It's soo gorgeous. I love it but I don't want to damage it! I would take a picture of it myself, but I ran out of batteries!
  11. Hi Absolutanne,

    I am afraid you and all others that have the misfortune to buy Gucci leathers are going to experience these problems.

    I know because I just talked to a Gucci Group Customer Care person and he said all Gucci leather is UNCOATED. This means that it will stain and age quickly no matter what. It does not say it anywhere on the sewn in or attached labels, so I guess we have to learn by our mistake in trustig a leading design company like Gucci. Of course when you buy the product, you may spray it or have it processed at your own expense, but Gucci takes no responsibility for it.

    I work for a man who just bought a gorgeous $3000 brown leather jacket, wore it 2 days and accidently got caught in the rain. He took it back because it was stained by the rain, was given a difficult time because the salesperson said it was uncoated leather and my boss should have known that would happen. He asked me to call Gucci for him and put in a complaint for him which I did and is in progress.

    I really suggest that all of you with similar experiences out there write to the Gucci Group (73 Via Tornabuoni 50100, Florence, Italy) and put in your complaints. Take pictures and show them their product is only good for the showroom windows and not for real use and maybe it will get their attention that something needs to be done to protect their sales as well as their leathers.

    If we all do our part maybe we can have the quality back in the Gucci prodcuts we all know and love.

    Good Luck

  12. I would use conditioner on it, I've heard apple guarde is good, as well as Of course, test a small area first before going to town on the bag!
  13. good thing i searched for this thread! i was going to post how others gucci items were doing. I have the beige/ebony abbey medium boston bag and the pink/ebony continental d ring wallet, and my wallet looks HORRIBLE, the leather part is all ruined and some of it has come off :sad: My boston bag is dirty on the edges too. I want to buy another bag, but i'm soo afriad this will happen again. So do you guys suggest that once you get your item you condition it right away? and do you condition it frequently?

    thanks :smile:
  14. Are y'all mostly talking about the Guccisima leather or the regular leather too? The reason why I ask is because I have a regular leather Gucci bag and haven't been very gentle with it and no scratches or anything yet!
  15. [​IMG]w/ this Guccisima leather >>[​IMG]

    I have the Choc. Guccisima hobo. I hate to say it I am pretty hard on my bags. I have not used it that many times yet. Maybe 10 times, since I just got it a month or so ago but I have not noticed any scratches on it. But I try not to notice so that way I don't obsess over things I can't change.

    I hope the bag holds up over time since I really love this bag.