scratch on new chelsea wristlet

  1. I got my new Chelsea turnlock wristlet in mineral yesterday and it’s just beautiful!. I filled it with my stuff and put it in my Carly, well I took it out of my bag at work today to show someone and it’s got a huge scratch on one side! This wasn’t there when I took it out of the box so it happened while it was in my bag!! I’m kind of mad, I didn’t realize it was going to be so delicate!!!! All my Coach pieces are signature so I don’t know what your supposed to do about scratches?
  2. Geez, I haven't used mine yet.... I wonder if it's like the leather on the whiskey, where it kind of just wears off after awhile. have you tried working it out with your fingers?
  3. My stuff scratches all the time, I try and rub it out with my fingers the natural oils ....but I think it adds to the look. Maybe Sprinkles has more ideas.
  4. Yep, vintage leather will scratch. It's supposed to.
  5. I have the wristlet in mineral too and the scratches do come out if you rub it with your finger.
  6. I did rub it with my finger a bit, maybe I need to do more. It's really obvious...kind of bugs me, but I'm sure it's going get a lot more scratches on it so I should probably just get over it!! :shrugs:
  7. My SA told me it was vintage leather and to rub out any scratches like I do with the other Legacy bags like the Ali or shoulder.