scratch on epsom birkin

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  1. I Just found a tiny scratch on my new epsom birkin (use less than 2 months)
    quite upset as thought epsom leather is scratch proof
    Is any way can fix it or any suggestion
    Any suggestion will be appreciated thank you so much !:smile:
  2. No leather is scratch proof. Epsom is an embossed leather and does not refurbish that well. if the scratch is deep there isn't much that can be done. See if Hermes can apply polish in the same colour.
  3. It looks like the scratch is along a fold? If it is, Hermes spa might be able to restore to where it is not very noticeable. When the scratch is on a whole flat panel, that is when it is hardest to get it back to the same exact color.
  4. thank you , as it is tiny and in hidden location the side folding part
    just so upset as it is really new
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    According to Claude and Pierre, it will not be so noticeable after spa unless the scratch is on a flat panel (I would guess corners and folds and sides are much better). Epsom will do this more easily along a fold.

    You may want to store epsom Birkel style by stuffing with bag open all the way to the top lying down. It really does prevent waves and wrinkles in the bag. In fact, I really love epsom now much more than togo after learning to work with it differently.
  6. Thank you for the suggestion😘
  7. Hmm..actually the leather in your pic does not look like epsom which is embossed leather...maybe it is just the enlarged version...
  8. Darling Epsom as said by my darling purselover888 can be a very good companion bag if kept in the right way but you should note that marks a scratches are pretty hard to get out.
    May I suggest the same as purselover888 about the storing. and with Epsom be on the lookout for table bases car/plane seat lower metal parts as well as all types of restaurant hangers,hooks etc... and well apart from that enjoy Epsom is a very sturdy leather.

    P.S when you get back home be sure to massage the bag back to shape before you stuff it. hope it helps.BIRKEL
  9. By the way that does not look like a scratch try passing a lightly wet/damp soft towel in little circles Place a finger behind the scratch and stretch the pattern forward so that what ever it is may be cleaned and not stay lodged in between the creases I think it may be a tiny bit of white resin or grease that the leather itself produces though rare on Epsom since it's not as transparent it may be due to this. Because oddly enough the "scratch" follows the pattern almost perfectly
  10. yes it s enlarged

  11. thank you so much

  12. Amazing observationl! It does follow the pattern exactly!! I did have a minuscule scratch on my epsom which disappeared after storing it open stuffed Birkel hope one of Birkel's techniques helps you too!
  13. I don't notice the scratch at all. I'm sure the bag is just as pretty with or without the scratch.
  14. happy to help !!!!!

    purselover888 love you doll !!
  15. just checking to see if anyone still around to answer this question, what is Birkel style stuffing? Very curious, thank you. BT