scratch on crocodile birkin

  1. Hello Everyone:
    I was wondering if the crocodile birkins are easy to get scratch especially on the side? I am considering purchasing one but I am a little hesitating because I have seen some signs of wore and scratches on my friend's crocodile birkin. Thank you for your post.
  2. I have too wondered this too,crocodile skin seems so fragile IMO,
  3. If you buy croc, you will have to learn to live with the scratches. It just comes with the territory.
  4. ^^ HG.. U mean they cannot be treated at the SPA?? :sad:

    I have a scratch on my Rouge H croc birkin.. i was thinking of taking it to Hermes Paris for spa treatment.. Can it be fixed??
  5. ^^^Yes, it can be fixed. I only meant to say that scratches are just inevitable with croc and alligator.
  6. Oh i'm so relieved!!!
  7. I got a 30cm graphite glazed croc birkin and there is no obvious scratches on it. I'm not sure on the matt one.
    For my experience, don't ever think of hanging the lock (which come with the bag). Just one day, you will see a hanging mark caused the the lock swung when you want.
    Luckily, it's not obvious as my croc birkin is glazed.
  8. ^^ oh can we see a picture of that gorgeous graphite.. pretty please :smile:
  9. Please show us a picture of this beauty? :drool: :drool: :drool: I have never seen one IRL!
  10. I have tried my best to take a better pix; but it look like black instead of dark grey. I think the handle show the colour better. In fact, the bag looks like black on its own without sunlight.
  11. what a beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it's GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i love it so much~~~
  12. Thank you, Sing. I think this is one colour that looks best under direct sunlight. You sat your birkin on the 'throne'. I thought that was quite funny.
  13. Maybe Sing Sing has a PHH or HFH ;)

    p.s. Thanks for sharing, Sing Sing! :smile:
  14. It's just got a better lighting there.
    GIgi, what's the meaning pf PHH & HFH
  15. PHH = Purse Hating Husband

    HFH = Hermes Fearing Husband