Scratch on Coach Purse!

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  1. :yahoo:Hi .. My husband bought me a beautiful pebbled chestnut brown leather Coach purse .. style # 10478 ..:love:.. (pic attached) and I have scratched it. I am trying to find a conditioner to protect it from further damage. I have not read good things about the Coach cleaners and conditioners. Any suggestions on repairing the scratch and protection? Anyone familiar with the Apple brand conditioners?

    Thanks!! Amy
  2. I just scratched my bleecker leather hobo in wine and used the Coach moisterizer and it took it right out. Hope you can get it out.
  3. My only concern is that coach website states not to use their conditioner on pebbled leather ...
  4. Oh I did not know that. Call JAX and they will tell you the best thing to clean it with.
  5. Not to sound like an idiot or anything ...but what is JAX? :smile:
  6. That is Coach headquarters in Florida. They are the CSI of Coach.
  7. That kind of bag scratches to heck. You can try rubbing it with your fingers to lighten the scratches.