scratch on canvas? please please help!

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  1. #1 Apr 5, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
    Hello purse forum. I need your help.
    I just received my preloved bucket off ebay. Authentic.
    And I noticed there was a scuff on the canvas it looks like a scratch something sharp was rubbed on the canvas.
    What do you guys think? Is this bad? Will this crack the canvas or make a hole? Its bothering me soo much.


  2. I saw a really tine one at a speedy i traded one of my bags for and i returned it...i was worried too that it might grow bigger in the was situated on the corner where the bag is folded..
  3. Hmmm... Unless you got a REALLY good deal on it, I'd return it! The fact that you are worried about it is enough to warrant the return. You will possibly not fully enjoy it because you will constantly be thinking about it or checking it all the time.
  4. Thanks so your post.
    This bag is in excellent condition with light patina and the inside lining is excellent. Only that is whats bothering. But I got a really good deal. I ooffered for 250 and she accepted. So I paid 260 plus shipping. You think I should keep it or return it?

  5. Looks fine. Did you try wiping it down with a damp cloth? I doubt that will form a hole. Looks like it scraped against something but not a big deal. Hopefully you paid less than 300 for the bag
  6. I paid 250 for this bag. Everything looks great just the canvas. Yea it looks like something scratched it with something sharp. Thank you I feel little better..
  7. You got a good price for it so I'd say just keep it if you will be able to enjoy it, if it would still bother you then return $250 is still $250. Congrats!
  8. Yeah I think I should just keep it.and hope it wont get worse in the future. Thank you for your help!
  9. Wow 250 is a good price...question guys, i bought a regular batignoles bag for 320 was it a reasonable price? It was in good condition except for a penmark on the back of the strap. You cant see it though because it was situated on the side of the strap that lays on the crook of your arms...
  10. Yeah great price I think! Congrats!
  11. Try taking a baby wipe and rubbing it. One time I scuffed my DE speedy 30 on the front door of my house, I about flipped my lid. Once I rubbed it with the baby wipe, it was just surface scratches, and it came right off.
  12. Thank you! I was wondering if I was overpriced or not...
  13. It looks like it rubbed against something that left a mark, but does not look like something that will lead to a hole/crack in the canvas. As previous posters mentioned, try a baby wipe (non alcohol). Good luck!
  14. I did try to wipe it with baby wipe but no good results. .. :sad:
    It was rubbed against something I can see the canvas peeling just a tiny bit. I did contact the seller and she said it a scuff and she doubts it going to turn into a crack or hole. So hopefully it wont! I didnt want to return it cause 250 for this condition bag is really good deal I think!
  15. I think you got a great deal. It's a used item so often there will be a flaw here or there and although we think we will not be bothered when we first get our pre-loved item we do tend to dwell on the flaws. I don't think it's very noticeable so I say enjoy your preloved bag! It looks to be in nice shape.