Scrapey Corners

  1. I have some general questions for all you fabulous ladies and gentlemen! Here they are:

    - Do any of your Birkin, Kellys, or Hermes bags in general have scrapes on the corners?
    - If so, which bag is it? What type of leather, structure, and style of bag is it?
    - How long have you had the said bag(s)?
    - Are you rough with it or do you baby it?
  2. Great questions Kou!
  3. I BABY my Togo Birkin and it already shows some faint scuffs on the bottom corners. This will happen to almost every Birkin (more often to very souple leathers) due to the way the corners slump down a little beyond where the feet lift up the bottom of the bag. You can't see them unless you are looking for them. I only set my bag down on clean surfaces - never on the floor or anything like that.
    Hermes can treat the scuffs and re-dye many colors of leather.
  4. Hi Kou, I am VERY careful with my bags, and the "extra" leather in the fold of the corner of the bag does get a little worn looking, but it is not that visible. Remember you can bring in your bags back to hermes for re-conditioning!
  5. I have a togo Kelly and I was using her everyday. I am very careful with her (she always gets her own seat at the restaurant, movies, church, the car etc.) but she does have some very faint scratches on the front two corners. I have decided to give her a little break until I go to Hermes at the end of this month to see my SA.
  6. I have Clemence leather for my Picotin. It floops a little and I think it would scrape slightly but only if I leave it on the ground. So far, I'm not particularly careful with it and it doesn't look worse for wear (only a little on the inside where my keys and other metal items bang around)
  7. I just now picked up my togo Birkin 30 to look and the corners (on the bottom) does look like the grain of the leather is less distinguishable than the rest of bottom of the bag... I think it's because it slumps a little more than the rest of the bottom. But if you don't lift the bag to look at it, you would never know.
  8. ^^ right - that's what I was talking about, too. :smile:
  9. My box Kelly is showing no wear at the corners. Of course, it really holds its slumping or only problem would be slight scuffs...or minimal scratches. No gouges or horrifying marks.

    Gorgeous birkin greentea^^ I still look at it all the time!
  10. Is your Kelly rigide or souple?
  11. KB, is your Kelly souple or rigide....I can't remember.......???
  12. I think hers is souple...

    Thanks so much KB!!! I can't wait to see what yours will look like. :smile:
  13. I have found that the first place a Birkin will wear out is at the corners and have noticed that it will also show wear if laid on its side in the box for a long period of time. I've taken my togo Birkins with light wear at the corners in for servicing and they came back looking almost brand new. One of the beauties of togo is it refurbishes beautifully. I do recommend checking them every once in a while because I've seen people wear holes into the corners.
  14. HA! Kou - we must have posted at EXACTLY the same time!!!!! - LOL...great minds.......
  15. Well, Chocolate Togo Kelly is wearing a bit at the slumps too so I guess that's to be expected.....I really baby the Caramel Chevre Kelly though so she still ok. Bolide gets a work-out so the edges are looking a little I'll have to send her in for a spa-day annually. HAC is still going strong although I can see that it kind of takes a beating on the corners...nothing I can really see yet, you have to look very closely but it TOO will go to the spa annually. Thankfully it's Box so she can get a nice reconditioning and come back all spanking new-ish.

    Zippy Vespa REALLY takes a beating....she works HARD and gets banged around and tossed here and there and still going strong without a scratch. It's that Epson leather....just a work-horse.