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Jun 4, 2007
So i decided i wanted to make a calendar for my parents and brother for christmas filled with photos of my two nephews (my parents only grandchildren right now - they spoil them like CRAZY) and i had gotten some codes for free and discounted calendars. I've been working on this thing for TWO days, going through the frustration of what in the world i'm suppose to do lol

turns out it's pretty fun. here's a preview of my calendar i just finished. i might fuss with it a little bit more or add more things to the calendar days pages.

While i'm an artist i've realized i'm not the most craftiest person in the world so it's sort of a mix-match of things, not quite sure if any of it goes together at all but at this point i think i'm done lol

i found out that they have a store that you can download/purchase all sorts of different packages of embellishments, fonts, backgrounds, everything! just like doing scrapbooking in real life. they even have quite a few free ones with really cute items.

i just wanted to share this just in case anyone is looking for any christmas ideas. they have all sorts of items you can add pictures to and personalize. calendars, photo books, cards, ornaments, all sorts of stuff!

the website is and it's sort of like snapfish and stuff where they give you all kinds of free credits when you sign up and they send you deals.

i promise this isn't a post to promote this in my benefit - just wanted to share this with other people!