other new obsession

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  1. I just became obsessed with scrapbooking and for some reason, dont seem as creative as I thought I would be. Any one else scrapbook? And if you did, did it take trial and error or did the pages come out just like you wanted them? :smile:
  2. You'll get the hang of it... Just like any other crafts. I have no patience at all when it comes to that. It even takes me weeks before I put pictures in DD's album :p
  3. aww, i love scrapbooking! i'm glad u've picked that up as your new takes practice though and get ideas online or from your favorite things...have fun!!
  4. i like that too...spend a lot of money on the paper and utensils..but i still have no time to do it!!!!!>.<'
    I just had made 2 pages!lol...they turned out different than what I planned, but nicer I guess..hehehe..

    post ur srapbook!!!!im so excited...:p
  5. ^^ haha that is me. I love buying all the stuff, but never get around to using it.

    I'm going to try and make a scrapbook of this vacation the BF and I took back in 2005 ... I have had the stuff sitting around forever.
  6. I have a lot of expensive stuff just sitting around the house. It's just like the bag thing, once you buy one thing you need to get the next thing and next thing you know you're spending big bucks on things you don't even use! My latest is the die cut machine. I put the machine, fonts, and all kinds of shapes. They're really cute but tedious and take a long time. The cutting isn't so bad, the gluing is the WORST!

    I think you just need to practice, practice, practice.

    Have fun!
  7. I recently began a scrapbook all about me and my DH, i'm sure it could look a lot better but I have plenty of time to go back and make changes before the book is finished. I have thought about taking a scrapbooking class, I hear those are fun.
  8. I will post it up when it's done!! :-]]

    Its funny because i think about what i want to do but then the pages come out differently...hmmm...guess i will just have to keep at it. It's so much fun!
  9. I found that once I started scrapbooking, the pages turned out differently than I expected because I kept finding all of these awesome add-ons that made each page look so much better. And the quality of products has improved so much that my first one, which chronicled my college days, is nowhere near as nice my most recent one. Having a layout in your mind is great, but being willing to see where it goes turns up some unexpected surprises!
  10. I do that before when I was in High School.. I love making collages of my friends from the past.. A good way to put old memories together and to hang it over my wall to let make me remember that I am loved with my friends and relatives around me!
  11. I LOVE scrapbooking! I love viewing others' too. Post it up if you can!
  12. y'all inspired me to start my major scrapbook ... this two week trip BF & I took 2 years ago! hah! I'm 2/3 done, I will post some pics tomorrow.
  13. I love scrapbooking! I think it's so much fun because it is free form, you don't have to stick to a plan, and pages can change as you add more and take stuff away.

    I made a huge one for when I lived in Russia, and I just bought supplies to make a travel scrapbook, although I've been too lazy to go print out my pictures.