1. I'm almost :shame: to admit this is my number one hobby..but if any of you can help me I would appreciate it. My daughters and I love scrapbooking and there is not a lot of selection here so if any of you know of a great site that has a lot of products and ships reasonably quickly, please let me know. Also I recently saw an ad in one of the mags for a company called memory-works..if anyone has ever dealt with them ..can you tell me what you think..any info would be appreciated.
    Thanks again
  2. I get my stuff from JoAnn Crafts' website.
  3. There's a seller on eBay that sells a lot of Sandylion stickers, I think his name is something like great-service or something like that. Anyways, his prices are reasonable, and he charges less than cost for shipping to encourage people to buy more. I would definitely recommend him !

    I never really got into scrapbooking, but I used to sell stickers on eBay to earn pocket money.. Sandylion is in Toronto, and they are the largest sticker makers in the world. It's a shame that they don't have a factory store on the internet, the prices at the factory are fabulous !
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