SCP Updates

  1. went there today! they re-organized the store a bit. the amarante collection was put together with the MC collection, whereas the damier collection was put together with the epi in ivoire collection. as usual, the monogram collection was put together with the epi collection (other colors like red and black).

    i saw the mini lockit (keychain? small coin purse?) it's adorable! love the craftsmanship. but at the price of ~$1.2k, i can easily get 2 bags!

    the "croc" collection of MC is really pretty too! saw the pink and the purple one. i really dont know their names, so sorry.

    tried on the manhattan PM, batignolles vertical, and epi petit noe. loved the manhattan. :heart: it's so classic...HMMMMM...:graucho::drool:. also loved the BV...the BH doesn't look good on me! one day! as for the petit looked bulky by my i passed! also fell in love with the epi speedies...i don't know but i've been craving for some epi ...and the manhattan PM!

    again, asked for the new catalogue and Laura said its not released yet!

    this time, i didn't see any azur bags...i think they're all sold out! but the accessories are still there...if anyone wants them, go to SCP LV!

    on a separate note, ended the short trip with 2 masks, a moisturizer, lip gloss, facial cleanser, and toner from lancome and prescriptives. gotta keep that face clean and sparkling when using my beloved bags!

    haven't posted in the forum for a long time! hope u guys liked my small and short update!
  2. hey, I was just down there yesterday! anyways, if you are looking for Azur bags, the LV inside Bloomie's has them. :yes:
  3. Thanks for the info! I'm going to have to make a trip up there sometime.
  4. Are you talking about the exotic trim Marilyns?
  5. Hmm....;) Thanks for the update.
  6. Ohhh .. i've been itching to check out some new LV stuff .. i think i jus found an excuse for myself. :smile:
  7. *sigh* My nearest LV store is 800km away.. I've never been inside one, but visit them vicariously through you girls when you go and report back!
  8. My sister and I were also there yesterday (that's where I bought my Cabby!)
  9. The LV store in Beverly Center has the azur pieces as well.
  10. probably. i saw a black MC one with green trim :drool: and a white with pink. i only like that style with the exotic trim, i don't like it with vachetta.
  11. Yes. Was there today. Just to let you all know there are not only 1 but three Louis Vuitton boutiques!! One at Saks, Bloomingdales, plus the store. It really was heaven.
  12. I plan to get there soon but have to check the schedule first. Thanks for your update. :smile:
  13. I love SCP. It is such a great mall. So much LV
  14. I think its interesting to read about what different stores carry. I've never seen that LE lockit cles, except on eBay....Wish they'd let us take pics!!
  15. ^i actually thought of taking pics, it's toooo adorable!