SCP Updated Chloe Update...

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  1. Chloe

    Large pocket paddy in taupe
    Medium pocket paddy...taupe, whiskey, chocolate, anthracite, tan, black
    Traditional paddy satchel...whiskey, anthracite, and others (sorry, can't recall all)
    Shopping tote...whiskey
    E/W hobo...grenat

    Molly...chocolate, marigold (yellow, slight orange), chamois/sand/beige
    Molly tote...chocolate, chamois

    Gladys...two different totes...both bright blue

    Large zippy boulers...noir/anthracite (grey black), whiskey


    Ron Herman

    Medium pocket paddy...tan
    Medium zippy bouler...blanc



    Report above is to my best recollection...

    I have decided to return my medium black zippy bouler next me if you want me to hold it... I am in deep love with the pocket paddy...the size/shape of the medium pocket and the large bouler work a bit better for me than the medium zippy.
  2. Dear SoCal, I am surprise that you haven't done any damage by visiting them.;)
  3. I told them to please lock the store doors next time they see me in the mall...
  4. SoCal, what is the going price on the medium zippy? The blanc from RH...unless you want to trade your black one for...say...a big pocket?
  5. THANKS for the info.
  6. Medium zippy is $1765. RH may mark it up a bit...I am not sure. I tried the large pocket in taupe today at Chloe...the proportions don't work as well for me as the medium pocket. Good luck with your search/trade/sale!
  7. Chloe SCP had two Gladys bags (both bright medium blue) looked like the jaune posted by NM and BG...the second was a bit taller.
  8. What's the price on the medium pocket paddy?
  9. I think the medium pocket Paddy is around $1620. If anyone sees one in white/blanc please let me know.