SCP Trunk show report...

  1. I went to the South Coast Plaza boutique's trunk show today. I am doomed! I fully intended on purchasing 2 bags at the most for fall and ended up waitlisting for 4!

    I must start off w/the black metallic reissue! I cannot rave enough about how beautiful this bag is IRL.:heart::heart::heart: It has the same leather and sheen as the dark silver reissue. Actually, it's exactly the same as the dark silver, but black! It has silver hw is is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! I ordered the 226 black metallic and dark silver reissues.

    Next are the croc fabric reissues. I saw purple, teal, black, coral, and pink. They are classified as reissues and are made of fabric. The material has a slight sheen and resembles croc leather. They all had gold hw.

    There was a nubuck leather e/w in black that was delicious, but I ordered the black metallic reissue, so I passed. This bag will come in the e/w and classic flap sizes. It will also be available in a dark silver.

    The next bag that blew my mind was the N/S modern chain tote in black glazed calfskin. I also ordered this bag.:tup: The leather has a slight sheen like the pocket in the city bags, but is not as shiny as patent leather. There will also be an E/W version, but I opted for the N/S.

    Another bag that had me drooling and the last bag that I ordered for fall was the lady braid bowler in charcoal grey w/silver hw!:drool: The lady braid leather has been revamped from last years version and is so soft and smooth. The bag will come in black, charcoal grey, and navy which retails for 2695.00. There's also a larger lady braid bowler/tote style which retails for 2995.00, but it was way too big for me.

    The new cabas is huge and is a combo of patent and caviar leather. The large size is about the same size as the original cabas and is the same in style, but doesn't have the cc charm and has huge cc's in patchwork leather stitched into the front. The smaller size has weird handles that attach at each side and a large, wide leather handle that allows you to wear the bag on the shoulder. The smallest size had a flap and looked alot like the rock bag. All of these bags were part of the Brooklyn ligne.

    There was a huge expandable bag that looked like a n/s round bowler. It's pretty, but not my style.

    I saw the small Sharpey tote in brown. The bag is stunning, but I didn't like how it collapsed into a heap when I took out the stuffing. It was also hard to get in and out of the bag because of the weird opening.

    I saw 2 bags from the Astrakan ligne that didn't appeal to me at all. There was a flap style and a bowler w/chains that resembles the shape of the cotto club bowler. The leather was extremely wrinkled and crushed and looked messy to me.

    They also brought back the small lady braid and modern chain flaps. :heart:

    That's all that I can remember for now, I'm still in shock from the beauty of the black metallic reissue. If I remember something later, I'l post an update. :smile:
  2. Thanks for the report! :tup:

    Does the reissue has the same chain as the "old" reissue? Or it has the chain as the classic flap?

  3. Yes, it has the same chain as the old reissue.:yes:
  4. Thanks, clk55girl!

    I waitlisted for the dark silver one, I wish it is exactly the same as the one from 2006. :yahoo:

    I saw a metallic black classic flap with the reissue lock in my local Saks the other day, i was worried that is the so-call reissue for fall. Now I am relieved!
  5. The dark silver is the same bag that was available for cruise 2006. :yes: It's gorgeous! I can't wait for us to get ours. :yahoo:
  6. thanks for the report jenn,
    can you confirm the price for the reissue 226? tia
  7. Hi! The 226 is 2350.00 and the 227 is 2495.00 :smile:
  8. Thanks for the report! I'm looking forward to see the fabric croc bags. Those sound interesting!
  9. ^^They're gorgeous, especially the purple, but it was 3100.00 ++ without tax!:sweatdrop:
  10. Thanks for the report!
  11. Holy cow! For FABRIC bags????

    BTW, speaking of fabric bags, I saw the SATIN timeless clutch at my Chanel boutique this weekend. Let me just say: it looked awful. For some reason, it just felt and looked so cheap. Definitely an usual instance for Chanel. Glad to hear that the fabric croc bags are more attractive!
  12. ouchie. tks
  13. Jenn, thanks for reporting; I have to check out these bags. I smell trouble, I want a reissue and crackled patent flap; hopefully, nothing else will catch my eyes.
  14. LOL Helena! I told myself the same thing when I walked in there and look what happened.:sweatdrop: Hopefully, you'll be stronger than I was. G'luck!
  15. i am so envious of you ladies, there's no truck show (at least to my knowledge) in toronto.