SCP Tonite-the recap

  1. Ok-so me and DH went to the little cocktail shoe/bag shindig at SCP tonite. Had lots of champagne so I will apologize for any typos now. They had alot of the new shoes and few of the fall/winter bags. Here's what we saw-

    1. Degrade Musette in red-I thought these were awful in the photos but OMG these are really cool IRL once you see how the material is "faded" out. I can't wait to see the black Speedy!
    2. Motard Pochette-black/grey charcoal. Very small & plain. Not super attractive IRL. Loved it in the photos but not so much now.
    3. Larger Motard biker bag-bronze/black. Nice size but again I didn't like it IRL. The material is pretty funky.
    4. Shearling bag Storm-??? Baaaa.....Not sure of the name but it's ok because I won't buy it. Really not my style and I'm sure my cats would try to play with it or eat it! (The squishy LV material is cool though.)
    5. The soft clutch limelight bags-the colors were like copper penny & silver pearl. Nice. Believe it or not, these are larger than the Motard pochette. I don't know how much you would want to stuff to much in them though-it might look weird.
    6. Sargent bag-2 sizes. The color on these is super amazing but I don't know about the canvas strap and it has a very boxy shape. But I'll bet it holds alot!
    7. They had the Amarante boots-OMG-Drool. Even DH said wow. You just have to have pretty skinny calves to wear these babies. (Damn-I'm out!)
    8. The Diana suede shoe collection is nice. Sort of plain but you can dress it up or down. The collection includes suede tall boots but again-twiggy legs only.
    9. Black denim sneaker with small silver trim. I'm guessing these go with the new black denim bags and I likey! They make your feet look small!
    10. They had a gold street shopper on display. Nothing new but I was impressed-these are way nicer IRL.
    11. Silver Fersen hanging around on display if anyone was interested. This bag is ginormous!

    I'm sorry I had too much to drink & forgot to ask about the price increase. They didn't even have the complete lookbook for us to see-Boo! But on a positive note-I brought home a new gold Kirsten!
  2. Happy to hear that you had fun, thanks for the update!
  3. Congrats on your new Kirsten and thanks for all the info!! LOL at #4 and the thought of your cats trying to play/eat with the Shearling bag!
  4. The Kirsten! So jealous!!
    Glad you and DH had so much fun!
  5. wow.... I wish I were there!!
    I'm so glad to hear that you have a good time there..:nuts:

    Ps. did you have chance to see the Nimbus' new colors??
  6. How fun!
    Your store has tons of great events, mine doesn't. Boo.
  7. Glad you had a good time.
  8. congrats on the new dentelle...
  9. congrats on the kirsten!!!! And thanks for the info!
  10. Thanks for the info ..I am really interested in the limelight clutch in pearle--any more insights on this bag:heart:
  11. congrats on your new kirsten!!!!
  12. where are you located in CA?

    Glad the OP had a blast. SCP always have the best things.
  13. yay on the kirsten!! and thank you so much for the update. i'm planning on getting the degrade/mirage musette. is it pretty big and will it fit over your shoulder? TIA!!! :flowers:
  14. Oh yea it will fit over your shoulder-it was really big but soooooo pretty. The fade effect is so cool!
  15. Sorry Meeju-didn't see any Nimbus and there were no lookbook pics of it for me to see!