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  1. so i had a job interview near SCP today, was waiting for SO to get off work for dinner...

    so i decided to sneak to SCP.. :sneaky:

    went to just about every store in there!

    of course...walked into LV to admire the spring 07 new bags...Sherry helped me and gladly showed me the book...i had a feeling she knew i was from tPF because she said "i'm sure u know more about the styles than i do"

    kept flipping through the pages because most of the bags don't interest me...of course i stared at the hampstead and the damier sporty for like 10 mins...

    damier sporty: the bag is shaped like an enlarged version of the has a triangle shape from the side but the bag is pretty much the same size as a speedy 30..

    damier hampstead: the pictures of the PM is exactly the same as the ones for MM and GM.

    and guess what i did?

    i put my name down on the waitlist for the hampstead PM! :wlae:

    but then..there's something that bothers me about the bag...the pictures shown here on tPF d not have adjustable handles on the PM (correct me if i'm wrong) but in the book that i saw today, there were adjustable handles! as im hoping to use the PM has a handheld..i'm afraid adjusting the handles to the top most would make the two hanging strands look weird :shrugs:

    what do u guys think? but i can always return it if i don't want it, right?

    epi ivoire: this is the new white epi color...from the pictures i really can't tell what type of "white" it can be classified as...the pictures looked like the epi lines were not there! but all i remember is that this color is released as a replacement of myrtille..

    then..strolled around the store and fell in love with the new vernis color (POMME)'s amazing! u really need to go in and see it for yourself if u're unsure about the color!

    now i really want a ludlow in that color!!! or should i stick to a damier ludlow? :s


    this is the first time i saw an ostrich speedy and alma! there were 2 colors: yellow and an off pink/red color....the fabric is amazing! the SAs took them out for me to hold and admire...but the price....$12,600 :wtf:

    there was this one lady who tried the the monogram rivets pochette and bag..she wanted to buy it right there..and the SA told her that it won't be available for sale till 2/15..and there are a lot of ppl on the waitlists..she stuck up her nose and said "I DON'T DO WAITSLITS." and poor me i was just filling in my info for the waitlist...

    anyway, i had a great time! and i was such a good girl because i didn't buy ANYTHING!!!!! really wanted to take home the damier knightsbridge and pomme ludlow :love:

    well, maybe next time...:graucho:
  2. Thanks for the update rensky!

    I took at the look-book on the weekend and you're right about the Hampstead - same pics for all 3 sizes... weird
  3. sounds like you had fun, thanks for the info.

    in the lookbook for my store, the Hampstead PM did NOT have adjustable straps. I saw the actual laminated book (not the paper inserts binder) and it didn't mention anything about the adjustable straps.
  4. Great report, thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks for the info.
  6. Thanks, rensky!
  7. You coming on Sunday?
  8. yay my Sherry helped ya! I told her about tPF.. so maybe that's why she said it.. lol..
  9. I went to LV and Im now getting BOTH mono Rivet bags on the 15th!!LOL!
    Loved them IRL.......I didnt care for the black leather rivet bag...
    The pomme stuff is great looking too
  10. thanks for the update!
  11. Thanks rensky! I'm excited to know that the damier sporty bag is about the same size as the speedy 30. :love:
  12. How fun! I love days like that!!!

    BTW, I would have kicked that "don't do waitlists" lady in the neck! :cursing:
  13. Thanks for the info!!!
    And if she "doesn't do wait lists" then she shouldn't be buying bags like that. Even Hermes has wait lists :rolleyes:
  14. Nice report...thanks!!!

    I also took a look at the book and was sooo disapointed to see the plates on the Damie bags.....:crybaby:

    I was begging the manager if it could be Soed w/out them and she was like...."No way.....they wont change the design of the bag like wont happen".....I was sooo sad.......

    Im really trying to see if I have any other SOs that I need...but its just not happening...:p
  15. thanks for the Info!