SCP Plaza cocktail reception tonite

  1. Ok guys-SCP is having a champagne cocktail event tonite from 7pm-9pm. AND they will be showing the fall shoes AND SOME FALL BAGS. These will be on display during this whole weekend from what I was told. They have the bag lookbook in too!
  2. :drool: have a great time! i guess it's by invite only as always? be sure to report back what you see! [these are the moments when i wished i was a regular customer of SCP. haha]
  3. Oh how exciting! Try to sneak some pics of the fall items if at all possible. Have a wonderful time and be sure to report back to us with all the LV details!
  4. Have fun now we need a full report, and pics woud be fab!

    I wish my store did those type of events
  5. How fun! My store doesn't have enough of these events.
  6. Maybe I'll see you there! I'm going tonight!
  7. Have a great time.

    SCP knows how to treat you well.
  8. How fun ask about the prices going up let us know please.
  9. Ohhhhh can't wait for a full report when you get back!
  10. Have a great time.
  11. Have fun!
  12. I'm getting ready to go now....I will try & get as much "scoop" as I can on all the new stuff!!!!!