SCP last nite-part Deux

  1. I remembered a few things that I wanted to to tell you guys......

    They had a Motard boot-to match the pochette and biker bag. It has the same "quilty" like material on the body of the boot with the same type of buckles the purses have. I liked the boot better that the bags.

    They had 3 different sizes of the LVOE 2 tote. I liked these much better than the LVOE satin ones. NO SEQUINS and the quality looks great.

    They had the LVOE sweatshirt. The color was light brown/tan. It wasn't all sequined for the LVOE logo-it had some mini buttons on it. It was super cute! I couldn't closer to it for the price 'cuz everyone was mobbing it. But if you liked the LVOE tee-this would be hot for fall/winter.

    I think I saw a blus hibiscus towel...??? Does anyone know anything about this? The color was beautiful cobalt blue.

    They are making 2 pairs of mini lin boots in black...short and tall-cute. Are they going to make mini lin bags in black?

    One of the guests was rocking her gold mirror lockit and it caused quite a stir. No it wasn't me but I have made up my mind to keep the Gold one for sure.

    Lastly, my SA put this cute little round wood ornament thingy on my bag with an LV Fleur on it. Has anyone seen these?? I love it!
  2. Oooh...I would love to see the ornament your SA gave you, pics? Thank you for your report, sounds like a fun event.
  3. thanks for the additional info kittyluv! :smile: would love to see the wood ornament too!