SCP in Nov!

  1. Woohoo! Just found out I'm going to South Coast Plaza with DH Nov. 28-30th. :yahoo: He has meetings down there and asked if I wanted to go with him....YES!!!
    Anyone want to go shopping????? :graucho:
  2. CB, I would love to meet and shop!
  3. :yahoo: :wlae: :yahoo:
  4. Will see if my favorite SA is on... :graucho:
  5. OOH! I'd love to meet you and maybe hit Hermes and have a drink close by??
  6. LOL...Italian or ZTejas?
  7. Sounds great Gazoo!!! Oh, I hope so SoCal :graucho: hehehe
    I'm so excited...:yahoo:
  8. How fun! Is your DH going shopping too ??
  9. He'll be working... Poor DH :sad:
  10. Well he'll be with you in spirit! HA this will be fun.
  11. Aww, have fun, crochet! I'm sure you'll find a lot more there than in SF! :yahoo:
  12. CB, i can't meet up with you this time.....DH and i are with friends in vegas around that time! have fun though! ;)
  13. Shoot - I'll be there the week before for a scarf event. :sad:

    I'll be sure to leave some bags and stuff for you guys to buy!
  14. GT, Wish you could join us! Please do leave a few goodies behind... : )
  15. Aww GT and Pazt, wish you could join us! :flowers:
    DH said he'll definitely be shopping after work. LOL