SCP Hermes!

  1. I'm heading there the weekend of the 24th. :yahoo: Is there anything I should also visit around the area in terms of resteraunts, etc?

    I'm hoping to buy a cadena there..:smile: Even though I'm supposed to be on a shopping ban!
  2. SCP is my favorite mall! You'll be in heaven. All the best boutiques are clustered together. Park outside and enter through Nordstrom to get into the best part of the mall. I'll be there the day before you, on our way to Maui via San Diego on Sunday. Woo hoo!

    FOOD! Our favorite restaurant to visit is Maggiano's for family style Italian. They serve delicious food in enormous portions (I am NOT kidding), at really great prices. The restaurant shares space in the SCP parking lot with a bakery ... but don't be fooled. Walk in the Maggiano's "take-out" door on the side if it looks confusing.

    SCP has a website that is very helpful to see what is there. Check it out before you go.

    Have fun!!
  3. I'm so excited! I hope you get some great shopping in!
  4. I love SCP, was there just yesterday!

    In the mall, Vie de France, Lawry's Carvery, and Claim Jumpers are my favorites. Vie de France is a small French bistro type of restaurant. The lines are long on weekends, and it's small and very popular, so expect to wait a bit. Lawry's is like the famous steakhouse, but smaller. You pay for the food at the counter, then sit and wait while servers bring it to you. The prime rib sandwiches are really good. Claim Jumpers is a big restaurant with big portions. It's mostly sandwiches, and they're most famous for their ribs.
  5. Do u like authentic Japanese Ramen? I know a place which is very close to SCP, not a fancy restaurant though, more like a food court style.
  6. aaaahhh, South Coast Plaza, my home every Saturday when I lived in the OC, until December, now I am stuck with the Scottsdale Mall which doesnt hold a candle to SCP.
  7. Donna, Fashion square will get better! It's getting an Hermes, maybe a Barney's!!

    Choco, I love authentic Japanese food!!
  8. and Maggianos..right outside of sears ...great Italian food!!:drool:
  9. Wah, LadyStara, I wish you could've come a week earlier. My folks are back in town on the 24th ...
  10. oh no :sad: You can't meet up with us at SCP at all?
  11. Dear Ladystara:

    If you need a sugar burst, try THE COFFEE BEAN on the 1st floor (near Saks) it will give you MORE energy to go back to H-store and do more damages....

    It is EXTREMELY HOT here in LA now, so try to bring some summer cloth TOO!!!

    HAPPY SHOPPING and pls. advs what you are able to score?!

  12. Thanks Morgan! I'm coming from hopefully it won't be in the 90's like it will be here! I will definitely post whatever I buy :smile:
  13. Can't ... weekend belongs to my folks unless I give them like 2 weeks notice. Even then, can't be an all-day event. Since they just got back from a long trip, they're expecting us to hang out with them for a good while ...
  14. Dear Ladystara:

    Well, it depends.... Last weekend it was in the 100's but now just high 80's....

    Where are you guys staying?! In Orange county or?! There is also a huge mall at Newport Beach you can visit and it is very nice too!!!

  15. hey LadyStara, what time will you get to Cali? I am thinking if you want good seafood, why not drive to Pacific Palisades for Gladstones? The clam chowder is TDF. After that, you can swing by BH, and then SCP. Then have dinner at one of the restaurants around there.