SCP has the limited edition white caviar grand ...

  1. shopping tote with siver hardware in stock. As of monday, they still have 2 new ones in the back. This is the limited edition with silver hardware that only comes around every 3 years!
  2. it's limited?
    My Chanel had a few this week as well. . . I wish it was February instead of Oct, I'd be motivated to snatch one up!
  3. is it limited?? the petit shopper too?
  4. Yes, the white with the SILVER hardware only comes around every 3 years, that's why my SA calls it limited. I bought my white caviar medium classic flap with silver hardware like 3 years ago and I have not since it since, until this past monday.
  5. I believe the bag is 1650. plus tax and ebay the same bag selling for over 2200.
  6. I believe they have white Chanel Timeless CC Grand shopper in Saks Fifth NY with silver hardware.
    I was just there two weeks ago.
  7. my aunt got the jumbo white caviar 255 with silver last year...hmmm
  8. Oh. . . I didn't realize that.
    My Chanel had one on the shelf this Mon for $1650, we talked about it and he didn't mention that it's limited.

    I'll ask tomorrow when I go back.

  9. Could you confirm that please? I just saw the white flap today & it's has 06A season on it? SA did not say anything it's limited. However I need one.
  10. I confirmed that the white caviar Grand Shopping Tote is released every other year. But Chanel has about 100+ of them right now so we should be fine if we want to wait a bit before egtting one.

    I don't know anything about the Flap situation.
  11. The white grand shopper with silver is beautiful.

  12. I totally agree, before I my black Grand SHopper went missing in the mail, I was moving towards the White with Silver H/D before purchasing the Black one. But I wouldn't use it for everyday use just because it's white!!!
  13. CLKgirl - the white caviar grand shopper does not come once every 3 years. I think they said that to you because she wants to you to buy
    Bcs I was suppose to pick up a white one (with silver) this January but ended up getting Light Beige... so I know for sure it comes every spring pretty much :smile:
  14. ^My Chanel told me it's released every other year. They showed more than 100 of them in stock so I don[t think they were trying to pressure me:shrugs: