SCP Chanel stock

  1. just came back from the chanel boutique at SCP. there is a ton of gorgeous stuff there!
    here's some of the lovely goodies i saw today (that i can recall):

    -modern chain flap in black
    -black lady braid flap (as seen on mischa barton; this is really cute in person!)
    -violet lady braid bag... as some of you know, i'm on the hunt for this one in black :love:
    -caviar clutches in blue and grey along with e/w's in these colors
    -black caviar e/w with silver h/w
    -black lambskin flap with silver h/w
    -gold reissue: too blingy for me but it does look pretty
    -black large patent ritz
    -cloudy bundle tote in black (the rachel bilson one that cinches closed)
    -cloudy bundle bowler in tan
    -large brown vintage ligne tote (like swankymama's)
    -brown square vintage ligne box (still think this one is cute, but i'm set on the lady braid now)
    -cambon black-on-black tote, bowler and pochette