SCP Chanel Cruise Trunk Show 9/24/07

  1. there weren't too many bags out (I actually saw more interesting things in their lookbook) and frankly i was too distracted by the two house models who strutted the cruise RTW, which is where I think my money will go for this collection instead of bags!

    here's what they had out for bags:
    --coral orange lambskin flap with new clasp (silver hw and clasp looks like a belt buckle, think it's called "Icon" line). The strap was silver links with a leather shoulder rest. i thought the black version was nicer.
    -coral flap with purple stitching.
    -lambskin flaps and totes with a ribbon (with chanel spelled out in big letters) on the bottom of the bags (SA called it "hidden name" or something bc tag was on the bottom). too kitschy looking for me.
    -totes that look like mc totes but with plastic chain. UGH
    -metallic silver and gold fabric small flaps (kinda crinkly fabric that i thought was better done in the earlier collection with that crushed/sparkly lambskin).
    --shiny gold small flap with embossed designs (reminds me of that miroir LV collection or whatever it's called--really shiny).
    --off white flap with pearls all around the border of the bag. the bag was actually bordered by patent leather (it said goat in the lookbook)and then bordered by lil pearls. VERY ladylike. the texture of the bag was quite interesting--i thought it was nonleather but i'll have to ask ocgirl to confirm. she looked at the book more carefully than i did since i was ogling the clothes!!
    -small flap in vinyl with that hidden chanel tag/ribbon on bottom. silver hw.

    in terms of accessories, there were some very ornate but big chunky belts. some interesting costume jewelry but everything looked too big and chunky.

    for shoes they are bringing back the cork platform except the side of the chunky wedge is imprinted with "chanel los angeles" and i thought i saw wings in the logo??? the top of the shoe is striped canvas in light blue or dark navy...these shoes had matching pants--the fabric reminds me of dungarees but i still dig the platforms. i signed up for the wedges with the ankle strap.

    they also had midheel black pumps with peeptoe and cool silver hardware wrapping the heel.

    RTW: oy, so much cute stuff! there was a divine black jacket with 3/4 sleeves and super cool side pockets and button details (yes i waitlisted for this sucker!). gorgeous coral lambskin shirt. cool tweed (looks like brown/burgundy blend) jacket with leather in the blouson cuffs and hem (TDF but i think around 5 or 6K???). very cool jeans in stretch, light denim with a higher waist.

    If i think of anything else i'll add later!!
  2. ah yes, lots of python and croc or alligator bags in the look book. i saw an ORANGE python flap that i think i need to seriously consider. SA will invite us to an exotics event they're having in a month or so..i sure hope i can make it! for sure i'll be hooked up with a spycam next time! python flaps are 3500 and up. they also had some exotic totes in the 7k range...
  3. Thanks for the descriptions!
  4. Hey L! Thanks for the update...the hidden name ligne or whatever sounds horrible but the lambskin flaps all sound luscious. Thanks for posting! Too bad you couldn't sneak a spycam in this time :graucho:
  5. Larkie,
    I'm glad I did not missed too much!, I have the flu and wasn't able to attend (viewing the tPF w/my laptop on bed :throwup:), Thanks, for the info. will go to the store next week to check out the look book and see what I missed (btw did you walk across to the T&Co boutique??:graucho:)
  6. hi Norma, hope you feel better! yeah, you would be able to catch everything in the lookbook. in fact i'd like to go back and peruse the lookbook at another time when the store is not so busy. for now i think there's more from the current season that i love more. all the SAs were wearing those boots that i'm DYING to get here in my size (the black knee high boots with buckles up the back of the calf). i'm also still lusting over all the winter clothes they had out..why oh why do i live in sunny southern cal???
  7. and no, i didn't have time to go to t&co or hermes (is that mall the best in the world or what!!):crybaby:
  8. Thank you Larkie for the great recap of the Chanel Trunk Show! It's too bad I couldn't go, but at least I can go peruse the lookbook soon. So far, the only thing that has piqued my interest is the wedges. I may have to waitlist for those too! They sound right up my alley. :heart:

  9. Larkie, thanks for the update. Oh I can't stop thinking about the orange python flap... That sounds gorgeous... :rolleyes:
  10. ooh Larkie, are you talking about the black boots shown on the RTW runway? They have a cream cap toe. They look GORGEOUS :drool:
  11. Larkie, I just now got back from the SCP trunk show. I wanted to meet up w/you and Lani, but I didn't get back from Palm Desert until a few hours ago. Let me tell you, I was NOT impressed. I put my name down for 1 bag, which is *very* uncharacteristic of me. I usually have my name down for at least 3 bags. The only bag that I put my name down for the the flap w/the raised stitching? I only saw it in the lookbook, so I'm not 100% sold on the bag. My SA agreed that there wasn't really anything that was "me," but I told her I'd be back for the spring collection w/a vengeance!:devil: Overall, I was rather disappointed.
  12. Oh, I did like that flap lined w/pearls, but there's no way in hell that I'm going to pay 5K for a bag made w/cloth. :nogood:
  13. hi Jenn, ya i totally need to go back and look through the book since i don't even remember seeing the bag you are waitlisting. Lani told me there was a green python and i didn't even get to look at that pic either! would love to get those odd colors (orange and green) in exotic!
  14. i saw pics of the python flap with tassle in gold and the plain flap style in the orange. the pic looks like a muted orange so it is kinda cool! the totes are just TDF but we couldn't quite figure out if the prices were correct or not. I saw one bag that looked like croc but the price was less than 10k so i'm not sure how reliable the look book info is at this time.
  15. yessssss i am obsessed with those boots! but mine will be black on black. i'm getting the ankle version with the cream cap toe just to mix it up a little. the SA told me the tall boots are running about half a size large, esp if you have thin ankle and calf. i've been dying for these!

    since we're going off topic here, i saw a TDF black shearling floppy hat with cool silver chanel buttons in the back. they only had the display hat left so Lani advised me to put it on hold in the hope that they can locate a brand new one for me. So far i can't find it at Saks or nm (wahhh). as much as i love it i don't want to spend so much money for a hat that's been tried on by a lot of people, right??