Scouting Around for the Indy

  1. I did some searching and couldn't find this topic covered, so I apologize if this is a repeat. I'm normally an LV gal, but I saw the ad campaign for Gucci featuring the Gucci print Indy and I'm in love! I was noticing it's not available online at the Gucci site or Neiman's. Is this item something you need to waitlist for or should it be readily available at places that carry Gucci? Thanks for the help ahead of time. I'm really lovin this bag.
  2. which indy are you talking about? the gucci website has the white guccisima, black guccisima, black gg fabric and the brown gg fabric with crest logo.


    here's a pic of the one with black gg fabric. hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. The brown gg fabric with crest logo, but it was not available to purchase is what it looked like. Am I wrong?
  4. I think the one you are talking about was rather limited. We had an LA tpf get together in July and we stopped by the Gucci store at the Beverly Center. The manager gave us a very nice overview of the different styles. They had one of the crest indy bags that was actually on hold for someone on the WL but hadn't come in yet. I seem to remember her saying it was quite limited.

    Not really my cup of tea but it was beautiful bag irl. I love the indy style and would love to get my hands on one but I prefer the python (red or gunmetal) and both are quite a bit out of my price range:crybaby:

    Good luck and definitely post pics if you find one!
  5. I work at Neiman Marcus in Charlotte. We have one of the smaller sizes with mink tassles. If your interrested.
  6. Bluefly has a few Indy's
  7. Ooh thank you all. I've had a terribly last couple of days and knowing there are some out there makes things a tad better!
  8. NM Is expecting 9 more units in the entire company. If you can get yourself on a list that would be good.