Scout Willis @ Marc Jacobs In LA

  1. [​IMG]
  2. shes Bruce's daughter?

  3. Yes, and Demi Moore is her Mother. :yes:
  4. mmm-hmmm. She could have pulled off dressed down a billion times better...jeans and a t-shirt!
  5. Socks with dressy strappy shoes? Please oh please do not let this be a new trend.:yucky:
  6. She looks like Demi from the side! Whats with her outfit??
  7. what is she wearing????:yucky: she's pretty though...
  8. She certainly does has her own sense of style - wow! :yucky:
  9. She is adorable but the outfit a la Kelly Osbourne HAS to go!:push:
  10. Sure does look like her mom :smile:

  11. ^ I was going to say the same thing... looks so similar to her mom.

    That outfit... eek. Let's just say it could have been better! :yes:
  12. I think even Mariah has better taste in footwear! Poor girl.

    She definitley has her mom's hairdo... looks just like her in the first pic.
  13. not to be mean please don't shoot me but, their kids are homely! Have you seen Rumor?!
  14. I totally agree with you ( don't shoot me either)

  15. She looks like a demented elf in that outfit.