Scoured the Coach outlet in Woodbury Commons today..

  1. wow...thats all i have to say.. i didnt pick up the daphne like i thought. it was gorgeous but im not use to hand held bags, and it kept falling off my shoulder, so i might go for an mj tote or stam..not sure but i bought some other cute stuff.

    like the soho striped scarf
    the lemon fruit zip up!
    cell fob

    i was waiting for someone else at the outlet so i had a HELL of a lotta time looking around so tomorrow after work if you had any questions go ahead and ask and ill try to post for you.
  2. am a bit annoyed though becuase not only did the SAs beg me to tell them that they helped me to the cashier over and over but one of the SAs picked up the lemon purse for me, i first chose my own, it was in great condition, and then i picked up the apple, she took it from me, put it back down, stood from it with her chin resting on her hand, then picked up another one. but i was in a rush and i thouhgt hey these ladies want to be told that they were doing a good job so i dont think shed screw me over or anything. and during the cashier line i was too busy looking over the cell fob to see which was in better quality and i didnt think twice about the purse till i came home and to my dismay i saw the leather all crinkly and wrinkled, and im one of those meticoulous people who will try their best to make things look brand new all the time.. think i will come back sunday and ask margret to pick up a couple for me for ME to examine.. the one time i slip lol..
  3. What kind of agenda and cell fob did you get? Post pics!
  4. I've love to see pics! I'm sooo jealous of the fruit zips! My outlet doesn't carry any "fun" items and well, I'm not going to buy something at the store that's available at an outlet somewhere. hehe
  5. aarti, whatever happened to the Mulberry? you always seemed like more of a Mulberry than MJ girl...and by that I mean you seemed sort of obsessed! show us pictures!
  6. Ooh, they have the fruit purses there? How much did you pay, if you don't mind me asking?
  7. LOL! oh man thats still there!! i read that they were going to set a store in NY! and in other key areas, but supposedly new york in august!! so im gonna head over there on the opening, play hooky and get me a bag!! lol that money is already there, and i dont need any will power to not touch it becuase i am a tad over obsessed lol.
  8. it was either 40-50 bucks! im going over tehre again lol today and see if i can exchange this because why should "margeret" get commission while i pay for a damaged bag? i wont get her involved because im not like that but im not a damage liking gal either.. I REALLY want to get this tanned leather wristlet, its small and plain but i couldnt get it out of my mind, and for 34 bucks i can get that out of the store and into my messenger! its beautiful like the original glove tanned leather coach is famous for
  9. i need to find my camera today im going crazy!

    the key fob is this little fun star fish. im not a glitzy girl but the rhinstones werent that bad, its seems really fun
  10. im still debating over the scarf, it was the soho stripe, maybe it was ecause my hair was a mess so it didnt look nice, ,but i have black hair, does anyone else have it? it was 19.99 and it hink orignally it was 75
  11. Hey ther aarti. What other good finds did they have there? With the scarf, couldn't you use it to tie on a bag or something? $20 for a $75 item is pretty good!
  12. Heck yes!
  13. that's awesome! post pictures! :smile:
  14. Looks like you made out well. Would love to make a trip out there, but may not have time. Was the traffic bad? Last time I went during a holiday weekend, I vowed never to do it again. I absolutely abhore traffic, it took over 45 minutes just to get out of the outlet.
  15. not too bad, it took me 40ish to get there and i live 15 away from riverside. i looke dat hte wristlet again and all they had were damaged ones :sad:((( i returned the scarf for, well ill tell you in the morning lol im so tireddd : \ i went with my skinny bulging with cash and i ended up getting 11 bucks back from coach and buying some jewelry so i ended up paying maybe a couple of dollars more..i cant believe england lost im so bummed.