Scottsdale vuitton at fashion show rocks!!

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  1. I just have to shout out to Nancy and James at Vuitton in Scottsdale! They are so awesome. My Galliera came back from their repair shop with the shop saying they would not replace leather at no cost, as they deemed it was normal wear. But Nancy and James are not agreeing with the repair shops decision. The bag is barely a year old and the issue was caused by the rubbing from those wonderful rings. So these fabulous people at the Scottsdale Vuitton are battling it out for me! They are getting it all taken care of for me. I love them and Albert too!! XOXOXo!!
  2. Good SAs are like diamonds, precious and hard to find :P

  3. Totally. You are so lucky to have found two!

  4. Albert has been my fav sales person for years...small world...:smile:


  5. Yes, it is a small world! We should have an AZ TPF meeting there :biggrin:
  6. I love Albert too! He is such a wonderful and sweet SA. He's the best!!!!
  7. Wow.. that's awesome! Let us know the outcome, sweetie!
  8. I would meet up in Scottsdale too :biggrin:
  9. Now that is excellent customer service!

  10. We should meet up this month! I am planning on bringing them cupcakes from "Sprinkles"....they are very popular here, with reason! :graucho:
  11. Albert & James are both awsome. I made my first purchase from him & my most recent too :smile:
  12. Add me to the Albert fan club!!! Scottsdale store and staff puts the rest to shame! Glad they are taking good care of you!
  13. We should print this out and take it to them! :love::heart: