Scottsdale VIC Party!!

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  1. TPF member Stefania and I met up at LV and went to the party...we had such a good time!!

    I got the black MC bandeau and the brown pastilles bracelet...*however, I am thinking of exchanging/returning the bracelet tomorrow bc I just don't think it looks right with my silver jewlery that I wear everyday (engagement ring and eternity band).

    I will let Stefania tell you the goodies that she got!!! :graucho:

    I ran into PFer Vuittonloverintemp, too!!

    I will post pics tomorrow!!:heart:
  2. congrats on the bandeau. how much is the pastilles bracelet, because it wasnt on elux last time i checked.
  3. I'm glad you had a great time!
  4. VIC party??? Are you drunk from the champagne? I got the same gorgeous black mc bandeau (only $120!!) and my first Speedy. I really wanted the mini sac but couturegrl convinced me not to get it and I got a 25! The 30 was too big as my first one. It's my first handheld bag. I am also thinking about the berry speedy inclusion charm though!

  5. It was $375 before tax...I don't believe that either the brown or MC pastilles bracelet are on Elux.:sad:
  6. What are you gonna exchange the bracelet for? You dont want to use it as a bag charm?

  7. OMG you HAVE to get the berry inclusion charm!! It is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

    I think my fiancee and I are going back tomorrow night to exchange the brown pastilles just doesn't look right (IMHO) because I wear alllll silver jewlery:sad: :Push:

    LOL I have no clue what I am going to exchange it for!! Looks like Tim is going to have to spend some time in LV tomorrow!! LMAO!!

    Haha nope not drunk off of the champagne...I did just wolf down a FOOT LONG Subway sandwich though!! LOL
  8. BTW we had so much fun. For 2 hours it was like our personal closet. We went through everything and tried everything out, and analyzed everything. We even went through their drawers. We bothered all of the SAs.
  9. ^LOL weren't all of the SAs SO NICE?!?!? I seriously had such a great time!!!
  10. And one more thing, I tried the pastilles bracelet as a bag charm on the mini sac hl and it looks so adorable. So for my bday in 2 weeks, I should get the inclusion charm and the mini sac!
  11. I wonder who go the commission (they do get commissions dont they?) for our sales since everyone was waiting on us.
  12. ^I soooo agree with you!! Your MC bracelet looked HOT on the mini HL!!

    Haha I was wondering about the whole commission thing as well!! I *think* that Vanessa got the credit since she helped us first???
  13. I guess you should get that multicolored pochette gm


    I really have to sit down and take tons of pix of all of my goodies when I get them all in the next week or 2.
  14. Here's what we got:

    It looks so beautiful in real life. We tried tying it on bags too in a big bow, and it looks amazing.
  15. Haha I bet they had to reorganize ALL of their scarf drawers after we went through them!! LMAO!!

    Well good night--I am so tired from the LV spree!!

    **can't wait to see your bday/holiday loot!!!!