Scott Peterson's new pen pal- a JUROR from his trial

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  1. Not sure if this story belongs here - but I figured since Peterson is an infamous "criminal tabloid celeb" this would be the best place. I remember this particular juror being interviewed quite a few times after his trial. I followed this case very closely since it happened near the community where I grew up.

    IMO, the juror's behavior is extremely bizarre, but Peterson is even WORSE. :censor:

    Peterson has a new penpal -- a juror
    Friday, May 26, 2006; Posted: 10:31 a.m. EDT (14:31 GMT)

    EAST PALO ALTO, California (AP) -- A juror who sent Scott Peterson to death row says she's been corresponding for nearly a year with the former fertilizer salesman convicted in the murder of his pregnant wife.
    Richelle Nice told People magazine that she and Peterson have exchanged about two dozen letters since August.

    Nice said she wrote the first letter as an exercise suggested by her therapist but didn't intend to mail it. She said she wanted to tell Peterson how the seven-month trial turned her life upside down. She also wanted to know why he killed his wife, Laci.

    Then she decided to mail it. About a month later, she got a response.
    "I started shaking and crying and hyperventilating," the 36-year-old told the magazine in an issue hitting newsstands Friday. "I didn't know what to do. I wondered, `Do I call the police? Do I even want to open it?"'

    Nice said she was amazed at the tone of the letter. She said Peterson has been polite and charming, often showering her with compliments. He even commented on her choice of a breast cancer awareness stamp. (what a :rant: :censor: )

    Peterson also seems more concerned about how the trial affected her than himself, she said.

    (uhh, hello, he's a SOCIOPATH, and this is what they DO!)

    "He talked a lot about those autopsy photos and how hard that must have been for the jurors to see," Nice said.

    He also repeatedly denied killing his wife, she said.

    In December, Nice suffered a breakdown and was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward, she said. The mother of four boys now lives with her own mother.

    "I remember thinking, `Dude, you had all the resources in the world, and you can't hold it together any better than that when the chips are down,"' she said. "`When life begins to get a little uncomfortable for you, what do you do? You commit murder?' What a sorry cop-out."
  2. I don't think this guy should get any media coverage whatsoever.....even the stupid women who love murderers shouldn't have their stories told.....let the SOB rot in jail with no attention.
  3. You got that right, sistah.

    You'd think that juror would recognize, after that trial, that SOCIOPATHS are charming. That's their hallmark. :rolleyes:
  4. I just saw this story on TV. It's disgusting that she got a bunch of money from People magazine for the exclusive rights to print parts of the letters.
  5. I think she likes him.
  6. Good grief. I feel sorry for anyone who saw those photos, and I can't believe that she is surprised he answered the letter. She got money for access to the letter he wrote? That is disgusting.
  7. She got PAID for the letters? :rant: I agree with the other poster too, I think this is some kind of weird obsession. And the thing is, if she gets "involved" with him, I wonder how that will affect his appeals? I mean, after all, she was a JUROR that handed him a death sentence. :cry: Weirder sh*t could not have been made up.... :huh:
  8. scum!
  9. I think she's just looking for attention personally. And people were fascinated with the case so it was capitalized on. I feel sorry for Lacey's family who can't move on because they are constantly bombarded with this. If this woman/juror had any integrity at all, she would turn that money over to the grieving families instead. My two cents though.
  10. I can't wait to see what Nancy Grace thinks of all this. I bet she'll be going on a :rant:
  11. Whoa.

    This is just like the trial for the Night Stalker in Cali some years back. Did you guys hear about that? His name was Richard something, he was the Satanist going around raping and killing women for apparently no reason. Well, one of the jurors who convicted him wrote him as well and baked him cookies! Then some years later a lady actually MARRIED him!
  12. Interesting you mentioned the Ramirez case, I was just thinking about it myself. I do a lot of research around sociopaths in the criminal justice system and I also do some jury consulting as well. Women who get involved with men like these is actually more common than people realize. It's extremely bizarre. The scary part about this situation with Peterson is that this kind of contact and involvement with a juror who convicted him could present some serious issues when his appeal gets underway.
  13. Ah, Ramirez. Thats the one.

    Quite honestly, I had forgotten about Scott Peterson. If they are really doing this for the media attention and money, that is so very low. What exactly compelled that woman to send that letter? What does Scott Peterson think he's doing?
  14. Why am I NOT surprised it was this Nice chick???? She was the one who was always talking and had red hair, right?

    Therapy or not, she should not have made money off of the letters, they have Laci and her unborn son's blood because they were written by their murderer!!! Something is really wrong here.
  15. I wonder why this juror KEPT writing to him a half dozen times if she was soo traumatized over the whole ordeal...

    I mean, I understand the very first 'therapy' letter...but then after that?

    Seems puzzling to me....IMO.