Scott Baio is 46...and Pregnant


    Video sneak preview

    His friend, Johnnie, is still a sleazeball. He is just sooooooooo gross. He just makes me really sick. :hysteric: He questions whether the baby is Scott's and is hurt that Scott is leaving him out of his life aka not able to ride on Scott's ability to meet women anymore.
  2. well, good to see johnnie v is true to himself. I really liked the first show, so I'm interested to see the next show. Can't help thinking of a joke by Chelsea Handler when he got married regarding his bride, "Oh she's living every woman's dream....from the 1980's!!!!"
  3. I watched it today. Scott makes me laugh. He expressions and comments are so funny. I love how he was curled up in the corner at the Doc's office. He was very indearing when he proposed the second time - the right way.

    I saw an interview with them and they said that he sleeps in one room and she and the baby sleep in another so that he doesn't have to wake up when she cries. Renee has to deal with a lot with him. I hope the best for them.
  4. This new show was pretty good but I have to admit Scott got on my nerves - he was such a big baby! Grow up for gods sake! Anyone else feel this way?
  5. I agree with you there-he so needs to grow up! But, I have to give him credit for showing the real him on air. I mean, there are times he comes across as not so great and he seems to know that. I just get a very real vibe from him if that makes sense.

    Oh, and that friend Johnny of his-oh man, can't stand that guy-what a sleaze!

    I must say, I just love seeing Jason Hervey as a grown man who seems to love his wife and kids. What a departure from the caricature of the mean, vicious older brother he is so well known for playing on "The Wonder Years"! It's nice to get to see the real him.
  6. That is unreal. He does need to grow up. I saw the first season and thought it was interesting. Some of his friends.... meh.
  7. After watching the first few min before falling asleep, I got to thinking, "Did she get pregnant on purpose to get Scott to fully commit?". I know she says she doesn't want to be pregnant out of wedlock (again???) but honestly, if you didn't want to get pregnant, you make sure of it.
  8. he acts like a 17 yr old boy. . . and he's not cute to me!:nogood:
  9. ^^ Agreed! He's 46 and immature. He's stuck in his own world of past fame, and trapped in some limbo in life! He's not cute to me either... kinda creepy & desparate looking these days
  10. You know you are done when you have nothing to act in but a sleazy reality show of your pathetic life.....but a joke to think you are a star....
  11. Yeah, kinda, but because I thought the show was kind of cute in a good-to-watch-with-the-sick-old-lady-across-the-street sort of way, I was trying to be positive and hope that with time, he would get on my nerves less.

    But then I read this:
    And now he gets on my nerves even more, with no relief in sight. Renee needs to lose about 180 lbs of sperm donor weight. She is an attractive, personable girl who will have no trouble finding a good father for her baby.

    I have to confess that he was never cute to me, that even when he was a 17 year old boy, or at least playing one on TV.

    Johnny Vee is pure entertainment! If ever a character screamed to be spun off in his own show! Just have the cameras follow him around in his everyday life. No dialogue coaches or re-enactments needed. And every episode, there could be a segment where Johnny goes pajama-shopping.
  12. True! The everybody hates Johnny show!
    Yes, even though he got on my nerves, I'm sure I'll continue to watch, lol
  13. scott is an idiot but it's so funny!

    did they really name their kid bailey? bailey baio?!?
  14. I just don't know how Scott Baio can be such an insensitive jerk! True, he is going through now what most guys go through at 26 or 30, but come on! He used to be so cute and understanding as Charles in Charge. WTH happened? This show totally crushed my 1980s/90s happy place. OK, My Fair Brady was partly to blame as well.
  15. i love this show but scott can get so annoying when he's being totally clueless...grow up man! but other than that its a good show