Scotchguarding LVs?

  1. This might be a stupid question but has anyone ever sprayed their LV bags with scotchguard or those waterproof sprays you can get at shoe stores? :confused1:
    I've sprayed my leather Miu Mui and Hogan bags but never LV.
  2. Never, but then again I'm too chicken to try anything. Alot of people have mentioned lots of products for doing that, but most of them are used for car leather interior's and I just think that's wrong :yes:

    I would ask a qualified LV SA for more info since they most likely have the best recommendations :yes:
  3. I haven't done anything like that yet (only on my ugg boots and some coach purses).. a little too scared about the outcome.
  4. i think the only materials you have to Scotchguard generally are suede and uncoated fabric. i don't see the point of doing this on any coated canvas or leather bags. you even run the risk of ruining it. as for fabric LV bags like Mono Mini, Mini Lin and Mono Denim, they're already treated with Scotchguard before they were even made into bags so you wouldn't have to ;)
  5. I have used scotch guard on my antigua's and on my vachetta, it's basically the samething as sg or sm.
  6. As long as it's the Scotchguard for leather, I don't think you will ruin it. I know for a fact that Scotchguard fabric protector can't be used on leather. It will ruin it.