Scotchguarding Legacy Stripe

  1. I know a number of people have mentioned that they have scotchguarded legacy stripe items.

    Can someone please walk me through this, step-by-step? I'm hoping to scotchguard the following items:

    1. Ladies Stripe Ballet Flats
    2. French Purse
    3. Framed Wristlet
    4. Wristlet
    5. Framed Lg Coin Purse Wristlet

    What I'm really wondering is the following:

    1. Which version of scotchguard to use (non-auto, right?)
    2. How should it be applied and how much?
    3. How many coats?
    4. How long should it dry before using?
    5. Anything else I should know?

  2. I've done it on the ballet flats and French purse. I used the regular fabric Scotchguard,comes in a white bottle with red trim. Try to cover any leather pieces with one hand while you are spraying with the other. The spray instructions are on the bottle. Do a THIN layer. Blot the leather parts gently after to remove any over spray. It is imperative you don't rub and and you are very careful with this part, especially on metallic leather. I set them on a towel in my bathroom to dry. It was pretty warm, so I sprayed again about 6 hours later and let them dry overnight. The directions are on the bottle about all of this. :smile:
  3. Oooh. I didn't know you could do that. I need to protect my wristlet. :oh: