1. I have a white optic bee small hobo like this (only smaller). It's not on the drilldown bc it is a department store exclusive. How do I protect it from getting dirty? I have had it a couple of years and have never used (just took off the tag today!) it bc I am afraid to get it dirty. Can I use Scotchguard?
  2. That is so cute !
  3. Some bags come pre scotchguarded. My tattersall pouch already is so you might want to call JAX and ask and see before you try.
  4. I have heard of people scotchgarding the jacquard sig bags. i don't know what that one is made of but agree with LB to call to make sure
  5. Ya I would call just to be certain. You don't want to ruin your bag before you get a chance to use it.
  6. I would Scotchguard the heck outta that little beauty! I use it on all of my fabric purses. Use a light hand on the sprayer and do 3-4 coats of spray (letting it dry between). I have never had a problem. Good luck!