Scotchguard Leather Protector

  1. Has anyone ever used this on their vachetta?

    I wanted to try it on my Mono but i used my coach:shame: bag w vachetta handles to test the results and it seems ok, no change in color, etc.....
  2. Im guessing this should be the same thing as the wilsons spray????
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  4. Sorry I missed this.:flowers: I did and no problem whatsoever. (colour change etc.) Water just glide away from the leather and dirts do clean easily.:yes: When I first use it I tried it on the leather tag inside the bag to make sure it doesn't spoil it.:Push: ( which I suggest you to do also;) ) Good luck.
  5. I was hoping someone would reply to this post:search:Thanks Lee (always the hero!)
    Which bag did you use it on? How many times have you done this? Im scared:sos: it might ruin my bag, i really love the light patina:love:
  6. isnt lee wonderful? she's always here to help =)

    i used a leather and stain protector spray (cant remember the name, i think it was scotchguard) for my ellipse and it was fine.. it didnt stain or make the vachetta darker at all..
  7. thanks, im still a bit weary though. dunno what i would do if my vachetta got dark:crybaby: ...i wish more people would have posted their replies, or i wish more people had tried this.:shrugs:
  8. AWw thanks guys:shame:, always happy to help:biggrin: . OK I've now used it on all my bags which have vachetta, be it straps or the pipping. Honestly no problems at all. The one I use comes in a spray can which I have to lightly spray, let it dry and respray again. What bag are you planning on treating? Can you try on some small patches like the tag I mentioned? Or maybe the pipping?:yes:
  9. Im planning to do my mono speedy & batignolles. Is it ok to also spray the canvas, brass hardware?

    How do you do the underside of the handles without spraying too much on?
  10. hold your bags upside down to spray the handles, i found that seems to work best.
  11. I don't think the canvas need spraying (I never did:shrugs: the parts which got sprayed I'll just leave it as it'll dry without a trace ) but mini monogram, yes :yes: cos it's fabric. As for the hardware don't spray it and wipe it off if it got's not meant to be for metal. Bag Fetish is spot on about holding the bag upside down;)

    How about trying it on the vachetta inside your Batignolles first?:yes:
  12. thanks so much Lee, keep your fingers crossed & will let you know tommorow how it turned out
  13. :popcorn: lol it'll be OK....fingercrossed. Don't forget to air it a bit cos the smell is pretty strong and don't overdo it!;) Good luck!:heart:
  14. leee u used scotchgueard right? I need something where the water and dirt will just glide of the bag like mentioned above, and will be easily cleaned, But I am having a hard time between whether to use wilsons, shining monkey or scotchguard. Which is the best b/w these three and which is the best product from that company for the vachetta?
  15. ^ I've only used Scotchguard. So I cannot compare them...wait for someone who has try all 3 products;) BTW dirt can still get on the vachetta it won't glide away (only liquid). But Scotchguard leaves a film of protective layer so it makes cleaning easier.:yes: